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Please add lockstep to the console. The desync on movement skills is unreal. Whirling blades is especially bad, and leap slam desync gets you stuck in walls and objects. It is extremely frustrating to die to traps that you dash past with a movement skill all because desync warps you back into the traps. People fail ascendancies, lose loads of exp trying to complete trials in maps, or even die unfair deaths when dodging attacks only to be warped backwards. I know a lot of people don't have strong enough internet to take advantage of lockstep, but it definitely should be a toggleable function. Its really getting old having this issue day after day. And before anyone says it's my internet, it isn't.
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This seriously needs addressed. It has gotten worse this patch, even when using an identical build as previous leagues. Using Spectral throw and whirling blades (not even that often) I will teleport back to where I was 5 seconds ago. What gets me is that I have most of the screen covered with ST before I get teleported back and the ST projectiles still return to me 1-3 screens away.

Traps are even worse... Get all the way past some spikes and blades, into the next room around a corner, watch your health just go away, and end up stuck in the first trap you passed..

I know it is not my connection or console issues.

Xbox One X
150 mb/s
Cali Server

video of one such example from last night-

This kind of thing happens all the time, never more than 5 mins without experiencing this.
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I mean in the faq from last year, the said they are aware of it and are working on it, but since then pure silence. A few months have passed and this is a really nasty problem for the playerexperience. Worst is ofc with movement skills, getting ported back, but I was playing scorching ray earlier and so many times, you have the ray on the mob and it just gets 0 dmg, as you are out of sync. Please give us any status update and yeah I can live with any other issues, be it tradeboard or anything for another decade, if you could just fix this one.
This is the main reason why I don't play hardcore. It's even more frustrating when you're doing an uber lab run and you die from desync.

This is the MAIN thing that I feel like GGG should be working on. 2nd would be letting us use Leo's crafting table.
I can't agree more with what's been said here. I absolutely love and adore this game, but by the time I get to maps (usually around yellow maps) it becomes worse and worse. Granted, it happens throughout the game, but as you get up towards where enemies hit harder, it's not so forgiving. I feel as if my character is completely garbage and that I haven't synergized it properly. We shouldn't have to build or make characters around this issue just to progress. It's ridiculous to think I have to level grind 15-20 levels above said required map level. I'd bet even if you were level mid-high 90's with 7-8k hp you'd still have problems. Tbh, the reason I see not as many people on this topic is because alot of people probably don't even get past Act 5 due to lack or interest or whatever (which is fine. POE isn't for everyone) but for the hardcore enthusiast who love this game and have put hours and hours to finally synergize a decent character only for it to be destroyed constantly buy desync is disheartening. I really do hope this gets bumped up on the priority list for GGG. Cheers:)
I'd bet even if you were level mid-high 90's with 7-8k hp you'd still have problems.

lvl 94 1/2 with 7.7k and i die in low red maps still from time to time. Stutter steps alot of the time. You know when you try to change direction and your guy stops dead in his tracks until you are dead lol PC i can use 2 50% auras with lvl 4 enlighten and still never have to worry about mana. Console forget about it. Desync hits and if you missed 2 swings you is dead when it settles, due to having zero mana left.

The game is playble but you definitely have to do work arounds to make your build sustainable through it and that should not be the case.

I especially hate doing uber lab runs and having the unlucky fortune of getting "knockback" from a darkshrine urghhh thats brutal!
Get all your friends to upvote this post so GGG might address the issue. I keep dying from 1 meter close range attacks from elder when I am across the room because really I desynced and I'm right next to him still. Then dont forget that I'm 98% chance to hit, 8 attacks per second and constantly will stand there for 10+ seconds attacking something but never actually hit them because desync. Every patch we get causes more crashes, more desync, and overall worse stability. MY Network speeds on hardline connection: 1000mbps down/100mbps up. Seems like GGG servers for us is like 10kbps down and up lol.. Please upvote, we deserve the same level of care and attention to our issues as PC does!
Is this going to be/has this been addressed? Or is it assumed by the devs that this is a client-side issue? Even so, isn't Lockstep meant to essentially "pause" the game on the server side until stable packet transmission resumes?

Don't want to complain needlessly, but I died in Incursion HC today after putting 12-15 hours into a character when I shield charged out of a deadly pack + unique (at 75% health upon escaping - fortify should have been up on the way out, and I had plenty of space afterward) and was rubberbanded back into a fatal AoE that went off despite the desync that occurred.

Is it possible for single player instances to be stored/executed independently of the server to alleviate this issue, and just have a "batch update" of player stats and acquisitions occur afterward?
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only about 10% of my deaths are legit deaths, the other 90% are desync/lag deaths
Hey peeps, it's a me, rangerDanger.
Why are you playing yet this games if it is so frustating for you?

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