[3.2] TecoSlammin thru league (Champ phys/fire combo)

Hello all,

just for start, this is my first ever created (call it) "Guide" in PoE.

FYI: Everything in this quide can change in time, still looking for good way how to deal with some boss mechanics, ways how to improve build and so.


What is this build about?
Well, we will be still moving around new skill gem: Tectonic slam

and gloves which probably everyone knows :)

Pros and Cons

- High clearing speed
- Good speed in boss killing
- Possbile face-tanking in some situations
- Good HP pool with right items
- low budget friendly build

- aftercast of multistrike is sometime selfdead mechanic :)

For the Ascendancy we pick up an Champion.
Well, it utilize defence for us, melee physical damage, which improve your damage and new ascendancy node: Worthy Foe

Which nodes take during leveling?
Well this is everyone personal opinion, but I start with Inspirational.
Later on when I finish Cruel lab I refund passives and go for permanent Fortify
Which improve your defense, damage.

Passive Skill tree / with Ascendancy

My current items
3 Main items which are really necessary and have to high possible damage output

Why Abyssus? Because of its damage boost, I feel it mutch better then Bringer of rain and you can use chest :)
Great old one's ward - Damage + Life
Facebraker - No discussion

My other items which are at the moment using, but still trying better alternative for them.

I know they are not the best, but im searching for highest Psych damage output on them. At the moment my build is mostly a lil bit glasscannon

And have this one jewels in linked in tree
//sorry cant link them

Not full buffed tecto strike:
Missing some charges and not all gems are 20 Lvl and +20% Quality, but possible output dps which I had was around 150K dps, which is probably not the best, but in most cases is enough. Maybe with future changes and levels, will be output dps much higher.

Not any youtube video for you guys atm ! :)

But if you have any comment or feedback, I would be happy to hear it !

Thank you for your time, exile.

Last bumped on Mar 8, 2018, 1:28:58 PM
*reserve for updates*

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