[3.2] satori's hipster J U G G selfcast Discharge - now with videos


This is my first build-"guide" in many years of playing PoE so if i'm missing something just scream at me please :)

When i first saw the Juggernaut changes in 3.2 i was eager to revive selfcast discharge. I'm using this as my league starter right now in Bestiary so building this on a very low budget was my first (and pretty much only) concern and i'm happy to say that i managed to do that! Please keep in mind that this is NOT made to be the strongest 80 billion DPS Shaper and uber Atziri killer but more like a build to have fun - and to enjoy highly satisfying huge explosions!

Let's get one thing out of the way: this will probably never be as strong as triggered discharge options but it will be much much cheaper to build. If you wanna look at something that is stronger but doesn't care that much about your budget i recommend Rico's Mjölner guide.

Table of contents

- Introduction
- Table of contents (you are here)
- Pros and Cons
- Skill Gems
- Items
- Jewels
- Passive Tree, Ascendancy and Bandits
- Mechanics
- Budget
- Videos


+ explosions! massive explosions!
+ fast clear speed even on high tier maps
+ very tanky as you would expect a Juggernaut with 10 Endurance Charges to be
+ can do uber Lab and normal Atziri without any problems
+ goes easy on your wallet
+ can be upgraded by throwing a little bit of money at the problem

- needs another skill for killing bosses but luckily there are good options
- can't run elemental reflect maps unless you want to experience a very sudden and cruel death
- not a great build for party play as you want to have all kills for yourself

Skill Gems:

Helmet: (Frostferno)
Discharge - Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration - Increased Area of Effect (swap this for Controlled Destruction should you need more damage on high tier maps)

Weapon: (Nycta's Lantern)
Detonate Dead - Elemental Focus - Spell Echo

Warlord's Mark - Blasphemy
Enduring Cry

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Blood Rage

Desecrate - Spell Echo - Faster Casting
Herald of Ash

Body Armour:
Not necessary! Don't run around naked though...
If you can afford it Kaom's Heart is pretty good but like i said this is build on a tight budget so i assume you are wearing something with sockets in it. You could use:
Molten Shell - Flame or Lightning Golem - Cast when damage taken (lvl 16 or higher) - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Fire Penetration (depending on how many links you got)

Gem-changes after gear-upgrades:
Now if you are lucky like i was you get a Doryani's Catalyst from your first Atziri and then ofc you want to use that. A rare Scepter or Dagger with amazing caster mods will also do the trick. In that case change up the following:

Molten Shell - Flame or Lightning Golem - Cast when damage taken (lvl 16 or higher)

Body Armour:
Detonate Dead - Elemental Focus - Spell Echo - Fire Penetration - Controlled Destruction
If you manage to get a 6-link also use Concentrated Effect.

Should you get 2x Kaom's Way you can swap the shield for Rise of the Phoenix and run Purity of Fire and Righteous Fire for even more damage. I didn't try that yet so idk if it is worth it.



This thing is a beauty! It does so much stuff for you (no, it won't make you breakfast)!
+2 Fire and Cold Gems means that Discharge gets +4 levels. That is a level 5 Empower right there! So it's basicly a very strong 5-link.
The built-in level 30 Cold to Fire converts half of your Cold damage your Discharge gets from Frenzy Charges (that you randomly get through Blood Rage) to Fire and gives you 39% of Cold as extra Fire damage that gets scaled up through all your passives and gear.
It also has some resists and mana regen on it. The only bad thing is the missing life.


Nycta's is like a weak 6-link with level 3 Empower, level 10 Fire Penetration and level 5-ish Immolate - all in all a great budget item.


Kaom's Sign doesn't have any amazing stats for us besides the +1 Endurance Charge and a little bit of life. But this one Charge does boost our damage quite a bit! Use two of those.


Again +1 Endurance Charge is a huge damage boost. Those belts are a bit more expensive with good stats. When starting out use one with life and some resists as a bonus, that shouldn't be that hard to get.

other slots:
Just use good rares - you are looking for a lot of life and enough ele resists to be at 75% without Endurance Charges. This is what i found so far:

It isn't pretty but it works! Ofc there is a lot of potential for upgrades in rare items...



This or any rare Scepter or Dagger with good caster mods will be a decent upgrade. Just make sure you have at least a 5-link armour for Detonate Dead before you stop using Nycta's Lantern.

Try to upgrade your rings to Kaom's Way with the Kings Path prophecy. Each one will give you 4% life regen with 10 charges up.

Ideally use crafted ones with Essence of Insanity for more Shield Charge attack speed.


Use rare jewels with:
- life
- damage (generic, fire, area)
- attack speed (also with shields) for shield charge
- resists if needed
- you can use spell damage as well but keep in mind that it won't work on the secondary effect of Detonate Dead

We are taking a lot of life in the passive tree so it is ok to use jewels without life and more damage on them as those are way cheaper to get.

Passive Tree, Ascendancy and Bandits:

Passive Tree

click me!

As you can see this tree pretty much only contains four different nodes:
- all Endurance Charges
- life
- damage (fire and area)
- jewel sockets

Elemental Overload provides a good amount of extra damage as we are not crit based but do crit often enough to trigger it.

In the Ascendancy of the Juggernaut you take Unflinching and Unyielding first to help generate charges and increase damage and area of effect.
After that it's personal preference. I took Unbreakable third an Unstoppable last.
There is also the option to skip Unstoppable entirely and go for an even more tanky approach using Unrelenting and Kaom's Roots. I don't like Roots that much though as it makes our Shield Charge a lot slower cause it's missing movement speed. But it should be the better version for Hardcore as you get more life and damage mitigation this way.

Kill them all! The two skillpoints outweigh any of the other buffs.

How does this work?!?

When you start clearing a map start with Blood Rage and Enduring Cry to generate the first charges (or get hit once). Afterwards you should be able to sustain charges easily. Every Discharge covers alsmost the entire screen and kills all white and blue enemys and even some rares. The rares that don't die get ignited by the overkill damage through Herald of Ash and should burn down for their remaining health. If needed spam one or two casts of Detonate Dead to clear them and any stragglers as you should have enough corpses now. Shield Charge into the next pack and repeat.

You get charges for:
- getting hit (30%) + 1 charge for 4 seconds every second afterwards [Unflinching]
- stunning an enemy (25%) and yes, killing something in one hit counts as a stun! [Unyielding]
- killing something (~30%) [Warlord's Mark]
- and every time we gain a charge there is a 25% chance to gain ALL our 10 charges [Unflinching] which is why you almost always shoot back up to 10 after a Discharge

There are some pretty nice buffs:
Blood Rage provides attack speed for Shield Charge and Frenzy Charges for Discharge.
Herald of Ash gives us more Spell Fire Damage and the Overkill Ignite which is massive thanks to the high average damage of Discharge.
And Warlord's Mark takes care of our sustain (life and mana leech), more endurance charge generation and more stun chance resulting in even more charges through Unyielding.


Nycta's Lantern: 1 Alchemy
2x Kaom's Sign: 1 Alchemy each
Frostferno: 2-3 Chaos
Belt with +1 Charge, a decent life roll and some resists: 10-15 Chaos
Jewels without life: on average 2 Chaos each so 10 Chaos for all 5 Slots

All other slots can be filled with self found items or ones you bought very cheap.
So in total we are looking at around 23-29 Chaos including decent jewels.


I did run some mid-tier maps yesterday and uploaded some of them so there is something to look at, enjoy! (twitch killed the audio btw, they seem to hate music in general...)

Dunes Map
Fields Map
Museum Map
Residence Map
Ramparts Map

There is also this reddit-thread with some interesting ideas in it on how to stay alive vs bosses.

Thanks for reading! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

kind regards

P.S.: Ok ok! You get a tooltip! (no maxed out damage though as this is only a level 19 Discharge and i'm too lazy to swap out Increased Area of Effect)

imagine peace
livestream: twitch.tv/tathagatagarbha
youtube: youtube.com/user/satoriSC
facebook: facebook.com/satoriTV
twitter: twitter.com/satori_TV
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I so want self cast discharge to be a thing, but its painful right now. I love discharge :)

I'm playing a variant of Rico's Mjolner discharge that I've made to incorporate the Aspect of the Spider - which is working great so far!

I'm glad you're doing decent with this, but idk how far it'll take you. Best of luck regardless!

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