Uber Elder /Shaper/Uber Atziri service

5th use so great service
6th service fast and easy as always. ty
2nd service, deathless, fast, good :) Still no noteworthy drop.. One day :D
Fast and friendly service again. Mark of the Elder ring this time.

4th service. rng for the next one!

1Th vouch, trustworthy people. Will come again.
Very good service. Did two runs with these guys and got a couple of decent looking jewels out of it.
Professional help with the game in general and all the way up to the uber elder. ENAHKRA is the man to talk to if you need game related advice.

Beware of the beast in Beast...

GG guys!
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it that ture? lol make no sence!! still perfect service ever xD
good service very friendly fight was quick. good looking people too so hawt
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