Uber Elder /Shaper/Uber Atziri service

Fourth run and fast as ever.
Thank you for your help on Uber Elder.
Smooth, simple and fast!
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The guys know what they are doing. Killed the boss in 3 min without dying i got insta oneshotted. You should be stupid not to use their service unless you have exalts for keys to dump. Got a voidforge i am so happy.You cannot lose from this service honestly. In one word i would say EXCEPTIONAL. Will ask for the service many more times.

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Very good carry, deathless, quick and easy even on another realm and 3 man life.Elder Steel ring dropped.
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I vouch for this service!


One more fast kill VOUCH

2nd run vouch. vaaled immediately since didnt care much for it :P
I've tried Uber Elder once, and i failed hardly, because i didn't have enough liferegen. I asked them for help and they replied instantly. :)
They did the Elder deathless in under 3 minutes and they rewarded me with a beautiful watcher's eye and a Mark of a Shaper.

I recommend this Service to everyone, because it was easy, quick and fast :)

We will meet us again, if i fail with the Uber Elder again :D

fast and easy, thx for service

Awesome service. Fast and smooth. Highly recommended.

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