3.2.0b Patch Notes

Serleth wrote:
Where's the corpse targeting for Necro nets? Kind of a problem in a mess of corpses to not be able to find the right target, especially when looking for "new" caps.

Can this please be addressed?

The Necro Nets are 100% useless in their current state because you can't target what you want to capture. I just wasted one because there happened to be a useless white beast corpse hiding under the corpse I wanted.
Odai wrote:

i said nearly 50% said no!

And yes i read it, doesn't mean i agree with a the decision they did. People that said "Yes, but more rare" is a answer thats like half yes half no, because they dont want it to overrule the mechanic of the league.

looks like someone cant read yes got 51.93%
If any combination of "Yes" gets 50% of votes or more, then they will be added. "Yes, but more common" will only be selected if it gets 50% of total votes itself (so "Yes, but more rare" is the middle ground and default option if neither of the others reaches 50%).
no queen rules forever, my daughter
I played all leauges since closed Beta, but this one it´s the first i will stop to play. It was a nice leauge because to capture some monster slow down the clear speed. But the new net and the point that red monster are rar like their is no season.

I take a break for this 3 months. Hope the next leauge feal like a leauge.

no necro nets^^ =)

gl hf all other

ps. sorry for the english
ok!where can i buy AOE Net?
Good job. As for the people who are complaining about not enough being addressed, or more specifically, you not getting what you wanted addressed. Remind yourself this game is FREE, GGG approaches and handles problems better than alot of other companies that alot of us have put up with in previous games, often worth alot more than GGG, we've played. GG GGG KEEP IT UP! <3
One thing I would mention for any potential Bestiary improvements/changes would be regarding the targeting of the nets.
On Xbox, for example, if you're in a big pack of anything trying to catch a single different-from-the-pack-anything it can be extremely frustrating. I've accidentally killed numerous beasts just because I couldn't specifically highlight the one I needed in time or accidentally killed them while trying to thin the herd so it could be highlighted, etc.
I realize on console we don't have a mouse pointer for precise actions but couldn't the netting process place priority on enemies you hadn't caught previously? I know in a group priority goes to "yellow/red" mobs first but could that process be extended to included any "new" mob as well?
...this escalated quickly.
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