3.2.0b Patch Notes

My Standard Map Stash is still broken/unusable... :(
Suggestion: you should add the stash into the Menagerie.
it's very annoying when you have a recipe that needs an item to go back in hideout to take it.
Thx GGG, is it normal to not get map bonus objective completion on killing an elder guardian?
Let's hope that someone .. EVENTUALLY will notice the absolute lack of playable CI casters, and for a switch MAYBE he will have this internal feeling that something went absurdly wrong in 3.0 and do something about it.. He can keep drinking coffee and procrastination after..
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Still not working :(

0 monster left and party mate captured the rhoa

I don't understand why some people cry about making necromancy nets. It hurts them that summoners and totemancers are able to capture rare beasts as well? Saltyness overloaded.

Good job GGG as always, keep up the good work.
As usual, GGG released a fabulous league with tons of fabulous content. You can tell a lot of work went into this and I appreciate every cent and second of it. :D
Nice job, keep going!!
I love how, these rare new nets.

Are already a common item.
Please GGG, make more options for beastiary crafting. Its so dull right now. Pretty much trying to find the beast and craft and in the end, you get an item which you prolly vendor it 80% of the time.

More options would be nice. Listen to those players that truly plays the game much rather than those plebs that just want it to be THEIR way.

I'm a newb no hate.

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