3.2.0 Hotfix 2

3.2.0 Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug which prevented some Zana missions from being completed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Spectral Shield Throw to be able to drop earlier than intended.
  • Fixed a bug causing Reliquarian's and Chaos Sentinels to only spawn as Rare.
  • Fixed various issues with the Rage mechanic causing Rage to decay earlier than intended.
  • Fixed a client crash when entering a PvP match.
  • Fixed various instance crashes.

This has been deployed without a restart. Most of the changes are instance based and do not require a client restart. The client crash fix requires you to restart your client. This has not been deployed to Steam, however will be included in the next hotfix for Steam, that includes a number of client updates.

Last bumped on Mar 3, 2018 7:42:37 AM
Thanks for pumping out fixes so soon after launch. :)
Completed 1 ChallengeQarl wrote:
3.2.0 Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug causing Spectral Shield Throw to be able to drop earlier than intended.

WHY????? lol


This begs the question of which will come first;
1. Oni Goroshi drop or
2. Attain sufficient level to actually use Spectral Shield Throw in Twilight Strand.

The betting windows are OPEN, folks!
Fornicate You, Fornicate You, Fornicate You very fornicating much, GGG, for pouring sopping wet feces over
the 99.99% of YOUR solo playerbase that want to get just ONE (1) character to level 100... with YOUR
mother-fornicating continuous XP nerfs and your feces-spewingly designed high tier maps!
Last edited by Bjorn_Angannon on Mar 2, 2018 9:24:52 PM
Pretty random bug with SST. I wondered why I found one near Hellrake lol.
I managed to get two Spectral Shield Throw before finishing the Tidal Pools. I just thought I was lucky.
HaHaHa - YES!

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