Viper's Scales Armor & UberLab

So there are a ton of dart traps in UL today and I figured I'd dig out a set of Viper's Scale armor I have, 5L it real quick and keep myself from constantly being slowed by dart hits and being poisoned.

Something isn't right. It deals with monster poison just fine, I take damage, but I'm not poisoned. But the dart traps still poison me, with damage/slow/green tint.

Am I missing something? The poison is an annoyance, as it rarely does very much damage, its the being slowed part I don't like and the fact that the VS armor isn't mitigating the poison is REALLY annoying.

Anyone else run into this? Thanks!
Last bumped on Feb 24, 2018 9:47:08 AM
You're not immune to Slow either way; that will apply regardless of whether Viper's Scales are preventing the Poison Damage.

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