ancestral warchief facebreaker in 3.2

chieftain vs hierophant vs champion

which one is better?

hierophant has no taunt but many totems, doesnt need tukohama

champion has no totem sustain but 100% chance to taunt

chieftain has very strong totem sustain with the totem leech, but not as much dmg as hiero
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Typical sort of 'What's better?' question.

Typical sort of 'What's better?' answer: depends. As you pointed out yourself, each of the three has different but compelling options.

Heirophant has a previously unprecedented number of totems now that it doesn't lose half its totem damage for doing so. Five Warchiefs (with a Skirmish or Fortress) is a lot of Warchiefs. Its other nodes are not really well suited to Warchiefing, however. Power charges are usually a waste on Facebreaker builds and you don't care about Arcane Surge. The less-reservation and skill cost reduction could be nice, but once you get your totem nodes, Heirophant is mostly done helping you.

Chieftain allows easy full-fire conversion with Ngamahu, Flame's Advance and Avatar of Fire, which lets you do elemental Warchiefs. That's a whole new layer of scaling potential. It's also got excellent totem nodes on top of its fire nodes, letting you put your entire Ascendancy behind your build. You only get three Chiefs as opposed to five though, and you-yourself-the-character get little benefit from any of this stuff.

Champion, assuming Fortify and Taunt nodes, grants you-the-player excellent defenses/damage mitigation and turns your Warchiefs into Decoy Warchiefs, which means Champion is likely the best stay-alive/'Hardcore Viable' option. It's the lowest damage option as well though, with no big badass elemental scaling or mass profusion or Warchiefery. You'd have to work harder to get Champion to deal Mad Deeps, which probably means it's more expensive as well. Unless you Abyssus, which Champion would likely be the best at coping with.
ok ty for the analysis
Sorry but why did you totally rule out Berserker? It's still the highest DPS by far

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