Development Manifesto: Ascendancy Changes

Hiero can be played offensively now as a pure caster immune to freeze, shock and ignite, as well as defensively with totems, large manapool and MoM. Guardian keeps his support abilities and can be played solo as well. Assasin can be played as poisonous crit map farmer with huge life recover mechanics, fast moving boss killer or powercharge generator machine. Chieftain can be played as fire totemist or physical damage conversion fighter. Berserker has many options too: life regenerating and recovering warcry fighter, life degenerating insane unstopable damager...

I think thats what GGG really wants, the diversity of builds, even more possibilities to create a unique build. And that is what i love about this game...
Does hierophant spell leech off spells casted by totems? or do the totems get the leech still?
What lvl is the hiero's arcane surge?
Waiting for Saboteur the most. Thematically this league would be perfect for trappers so I hope they're finally fixed
Dudes need their beauty sleep too
Vektorz wrote:
What lvl is the hiero's arcane surge?

According to the description it's lvl 1 arcane surge (10% more spell damage, 10% increased cast speed, 0.5% maximum mana regenerated per second)
Looks like I'm running a totem build for the 3.2 league.
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5th Labyrinth, level 84 IZARO pls?! 3rd level enchant and 5 notable ascendancy points.
Hiero looks amazing. I'm pretty settled on playing Frostbolt for 3.2, looking forward to seeing what Elementalist looks like, but Hiero totems look pretty OP
Guardian is so useless for more than 95% of all players. Total waste of Ascendancy.
I really like the way this is going! I agree with GGG of making 19 different classes and ALL should feel powerful or even OP.. I would rather play overpowered assassin being the best at crit and poisons, even if they are overpowered... then choosing another ascendancy to make a crit/poison build.. if then the game feels to easy, they could just double/triple/10x the monsters life. That way the game can be played differently/slower paced, BUT all classes would be equal in that regard, every playstyle would work!!

There will always be some trying to deminish GGGs work.. they would say, oh again nerf hammer or now OP hammer etc.. there is no hope for some...

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