what would be better for DPS?

my amulet gives me 100% mana reservation reduction of vulnerability.

i have on my boots:
blasphemy + vulnerabilty + enhance and since i have no other free sockets, flame golem (that gets the +24 quality from level 4 enhance).

i want to add also empower level 4, which will give me +3 level for vulnerability (41% phys damage instead of 39% of level 20).

the thing is that the only other socket i can put the flame golem gem would be instead of the warchief i have - i'll have to remove the ruthless or physical damage of the warchief.

is it wise?
should i make the warchief around 40% damage weaker for 2% stronger my phys dam?

i hope i'm clear...

thank you.
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Delete your Caste-When-Damage-Taken Gem, replace it with a level 1-4 one. Replace Molten shell with IC.

Remove Warlords Mark out of your offhand. Its useless, you are running a blasphemy-curse already, you cant have 2, it will always be overriden.
Put your golem in your offhand, tada, problem solved. You dont want your CWDT at level 20, thats terrible.
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thank you for your reply!

1. isn't IC negates endurance charges? i'm using warlord's mark to get the charges (for the offhand weapon - i need them i think).

2. can you please explain why it's terrible? i see the molten shell icon triggers quite alot when getting massive hits.

so u suggest:

enhance -> empower -> blasphemy -> vulnerability

and offhand:

CwDT -> IC + golem?

i think that one of the big advantages of my offhand is the bonus it offers for endurance charges...

1. It consumes them to apply a longer buff, yeah. That's usually a good thing, but if you don't want then then don't use it, yeah.

1.1 I don't think you can generate endurance charges properly through that Warlods Mark. Unless I am missing something ... The only scenario I can imagine where you properly apply the curse, is when ranged mobs hit you, get cursed by it but are outside of your blasphemy range. Then you kill them with sunder and actually gain charges.
But thats really unreliable, doesnt sound like a consistent way to cap the charges.

You also only have 3 endurance charges, you invested nothing into more max charges. So your offhand is pretty bad. I would replace it with a normal shaper-stat stick for a lot more damage.

2. The gem is used to trigger often, not trigger with massive hits, that's the entire point of it. You want it to be on consistently, not when you are get hit for a lot.
Why have molten shell only on you when you get hit hard instead of having it on you all the time?

So yes, I would suggest to switch out Warlords Mark to achieve the free socket.

thank you very much.
will try that.

i will also look in poe.trade for good offhand weapon.

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