[BSC] Free uber elder/uber atziri/chayula/shaper/vaal temple service

your map, your boss loot
0 fee
I dont do elder/guards on red maps (t11-16) unless you give me uncomplete orb (3 red sexants + scour)
But can do shaper/uber elder no problem
ign corpse_throw
eu realm, my hideout preferably
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Last bumped on Apr 7, 2018 8:47:28 AM
Pretty amazing! Very professional. Thanks again! (guardians/shaper/uber atziri)
Did uber atziri for me. Fast and reliable. Highly recommend!

Awesome. Did a shaper and an uber for me.
Very Fast awesome service
Did shaper for me, fast and clear.


Great Shaper service!!
Excelente. Muy rapido y confiable. Cayo un Dying Sun y ni se acerco.
Cleared Uber Atziri, Shaper, and Vaal Temple super quickly and was very nice and chill. Would definitely recommend to anyone, and will definitely use again!
Cleared Shaper, Vaal Temple and Uber Atziri for me this morning. Very fast and effective. Would recommend to anyone and use again :)
Did shaper for me
would highly recommend

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