This weekend we're running a big sale for all Back Attachment microtransactions! There are over 40 Wings and Back Attachments available at discounted prices. Check out the full selection of discounts here.

The sale will run until Feb 12, 2018 10:00 PM (This is displayed in your local time).

By the way, due to overwhelming amount of amazing submissions in our recent Talent Competition, our jury needs more time to carefully check all of them and pick the winners, but don't be sad - we'll announce the winners at the beginning of the next week!
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Oh cool!

Arcane wings remind me fallen angels.... will have one soon :)
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Wouldn’t mind a Shields sale soon, either. :)
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Sweet sale!
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Good stuff
Completed 6 ChallengesSarno wrote:

Wouldn’t mind a Shields sale soon, either. :)

We do schedule these but they're usually 24 hour sales rather than full weekend sales. These big weekend sales are usually reserved for broader categories that have more selection.
Oh noice!
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