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Thank you for your efforts.. You've been very helpful to me for understanding this game. When i started this game it was very confusing and unplayable for me. You made it happen.. Thank you for everything. Hope to see you soon..

This amulet is doing a lot of work for me, I'm lucky to have found it, but it doesn't have +1 chaos gem. My odds on a gem amulet are gonna be quite bad if I also need it to have the heavy attributes this one has. I made a mediocre one, but I can't equip it until I can make up the missing attributes elsewhere.

Anyone in SSF roll a good gem amulet yet? Do the trade league folks have good gem amulets already?

Also, I'm having a heck of a time in SSF getting link on a bow. When ever I see socket links in the grove I harvest that ever time, but only seen 4l crafts. The 5l recipe is on a t12 map, I've managed to learn the 6l recipe first. Imperial legacy is dropping from t10 and t11 maps. Forcing farming w/ a 4link bow of t10 to 12 content to make up for bad luck with drops and harvest feels bad. I wish they had put the 5l recipe waaaay earlier, like act 10 or map tiers 1-3.

- Edit:

2 days later, of course the answer was run more maps. Wasteland didn't have the recipe on my first run, but then I got super lucky and a natural 5link magic thicket just dropped. Then I got 2 5link crafts from harvets... the feast after the famine. Having run Orchard (t10) a few times, it looks like porcupine cards are dropping there, so that is an option even though you can't +2 bow it with alts
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Gorzakos wrote:

even though you can't +2 bow it with alts

I've heard rumors that essence crafting can ignore the item lvl, haven't tried it out ingame yet but on craftofexile it is viable, maybe you could try using shrieking/deafening essence of dread and since +1 gem is guranteed with "cannot roll attack modifier" then... voila! you have a +3 bow!

Edit: just tried it out ingame with a lvl 40 bow from act 4's vendor and it worked!
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anyway best bow build, thx for this dude
Nekoboy' ~<3
That could work shika, if someone needs to make Porcupine bow usable. Luckily I found a 30% maraketh bow via archnemesis and lucked out with currency turning it into a 6L.

I'm considering playing around with lower stats. Many str/int gems need 114 or less at lvl 20, with the exception of wither and dread banner, and steelskin.

Looking at easy stat points on the tree, Prowess (+30Str) for 1 pt and Primal Spirit (+20 str and int) for 2 points are close grabs, and would take the build to 113Str and 124Int.

At those stats:

Wither would cap at 14 vs 20. You'd still get the full chaos damage debuff at any level, so damage is unchanged. The AOE increase is 13 vs 19, so a bit smaller circle. Our use case is typically vs single targets, its rare when larger wither ae would matter. The movement speed debuff is 34% vs 36%. it's possible the movement speed of 2% might make a difference sometimes, but it's a pretty small difference.

Dread Banner would cap at 10 vs 20. I'm ignoring impale and placed banner, since our build does neither. The reduced accuracy is 18 vs 21. Counting the 49% increased effect from quality & generosity, it's 26 vs 31. This does matter a lot. On a "good day" it's worth about 2.5k evasion to cap. On a bad day, it could be 5k evasion. On a really bad day (some combination of aura effect reduction, accuracy aura, reduced player evasion) that 5k evasion might be really hard to come by. This is the main thing I feel like I need to pay attention to for difference. I think right now I am overshooting evasion cap hard. Path of Building says 66.6k, 93k after wind dancer triggered.

Steelskin is a brutal difference: 835 vs 2209. I can't fit steelskin into my build, so it's not a deciding factor for me. My optional gem slots are Dash, Second Wind, Enlighten (to enable higher clarity arua), and only needing a 5 slot body.

If I can accept the downgrades on those gems, and find the 3 passive tree points for it, that would free up 150 stat points that I have to find in gear. That's like 5 suffixes in the imperfect world of SSF that I live in. Thats Any Marble Amulet vs an agate amulet. That's a flask oriented stygian vise vs a Str focused Heavy Belt.

I'm gonna try it out with lower capped gems and swap gear out as I can, and report back.
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If anyone is still lurking this form, I've been experimenting (Ps5 console) with the build this league. Changes to the game have made it as smooth as ever to reach T16 maps. Was able to beat all new bosses. Currently working in mana for Maven ... short on this build and can't beat all 10 bosses without kiting for 15 minutes :(


Working on a finding more HPS and DPS. Onward!
Updated PoB if anyone wants to check it out. Got end game bow built out from the crafting section.


PoB calcs show 751K DPS before withered stacks.
This is with Empower 3 as well. Levelling another one to try for 4.

Presently sitting with 98% spell suppression, 5530 HPs, 76/76/77/-13 res ...
Ive rolled a couple of really nice chest pieces, but Kintsugi still helps a ton with the one shots. It's still in the build.

Actually dropped my first HeadHunter in 5? years of playing (how long has the game been on Playstation) this week too, but I can't work it into the build without dumping a ton of res off my belt ... so working on that now.
Sorry, i translate this with google transate.

Caustic Arrow build in 3.17 now looks like 1000 MLN/SEC damage if there are 1000 mobs on poisoned ground. :) 95% physical and magic protection and 8k HP (taking into calculation twice spell suppression and double armor (for 90% we need 53k armor), 50% less damage over time by Lethe Shade), which is equivalent to survival with more then 40k HP and 75% physical and magic protection. :)

Damage without wither *1.9:

https://pastebin.com/JTQ5YxVX (early game)

https://pastebin.com/Ex8D4Tzc (middle game)

https://pastebin.com/FuckeHi0 (end game)

As a result on the boss we have more than 1 MLN chaos damage per second after chaos resistance.
(Proof. Caustic Arrow (1 MLN), Essence Drain (200k+), Totem Wither (*1.9), Despair, charm from belt, from jewel - total minus 38% to Chaos Resistance (*0.48 at max 90% Chaos Resistance of boss) (1 MLN+200k)*1.9*0.48 > 1 MLN Chaos DPS.)

Archer with a caustic arrow is immune to negative conditions, goes through all content, is not afraid of reflections, as it hits with chaos, is not afraid of the lack of regeneration, as it can afford to constantly drink an inexhaustible flask with 6% hp recovery per second (thanks to Ascendancy), is not afraid of cards with a minus to maximum resistances, as it has 90% of maximum resistances and twice suppressed magic damage.

These stats are obtained with the initial easily accessible unique items presented below.

Defence and flasks
Where does so much armor? here's 20k armor from the aura of grace, 70k armor from the top flasks, and 10k armor from everything else.

Where does the 90% magic protection come from? + 7% to the maximum resistance from the auras of salvation from lightning, fire and cold, + 8% to the maximum resistance from the top flask.

The bottles can be taken in a simpler way.

Passive Skill Tree

first we go up the passive skill tree: we take damage - (Wasting) and (Hunter's Gambit), heal - (Blood Drinker).
Then the shortest path (after pumping the tree) to (Iron Reflexes), t .e. we throw off all evasion into armor, when evading, sooner or later they will hit you and give out a lot of damage or "one shot", and when throwing evasion into armor, we eventually get 90% of physical protection, i.e. there is always little damage received, i.e. smooth out the damage, then pump everything else.

Bows and gems
Bow +3 can be obtained using Mine resources Powerful Chaotic Resonator+Metallic Fossil+Jagged Fossil+Corroded Fossil in 4 attempts on average: https://pathofexile.com/trade/search/Standard/25KVzQYck .

Accepted bow under the influence of a hunter is crafted in an average of 2500 alteration, and a multiplier from the recipes of the immortal syndicate is finished on the workbench for 4 ex: https://pathofexile.com/trade/search/Standard/0X2o5wQhg.

Close to ideal bows are crafted using synthesis bows and a faceted fossil, with them you can get a 34 level caustic arrow, but they are very expensive (because + to levels on average x faceted, and then another way to catch a multiplier on average y times , total x*y faceted): https://pathofexile.com/trade/search/Standard/9XdG378fK.

Immune to negative states

you need to have jewels: with immunity to corrupted blood and hinder; in the pantheon: immunity to maim, to blind, to negative conditions from critical hits; in passive skills: immunity to impale, to stun; in Ascendancy or with aura Purity of Elements: immunity to all elemental conditions; on boots or rings: immunity to bleeding and to poison. Thus, we get a build with immunity to negative states.

Initial easily accessible unique items and gems

- 2 jewels with a Quartz Infusion that give us magic damage suppression.

I will only add that helmet needs a charm + 40% to the damage of a caustic arrow from the labyrinth and belt needs a charm -6% to all resistances with wither from the labyrinth

In addition to the flask and regeneration, hp recovery on large packs of mobs occurs with the help of the Blood Drinker passive skill, in addition to the flask and regeneration, 800+ hp recovery per second on the boss occurs with the help of the Essence Drain skill from the second bow, Essence Drain will double your damage on the boss, while on the legion it will be possible to use a bunch of Contagion + Essence Drain. The bow is crafted using the essence of sorrow and crit harvest: https://pathofexile.com/trade/search/Standard/Vgzmq32Hp.

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After digging around and trying out skellie mages, I'm going to league start CA Raider on PS5 once again. If anyone still visits, I will post progress if it's going well. And maybe even if it's not ;)
Nihlathaker wrote:
Caustic Arrow build in 3.17 now looks like 1000 MLN/SEC damage if there are 1000 mobs on poisoned ground. :) 95% physical and magic protection and 9k HP (taking into calculation twice spell suppression and double armor (for 90% we need 53k armor), 50% less damage over time by Lethe Shade), which is equivalent to survival with more then 45k HP and 75% physical and magic protection. :)

I like this build... but... is it possible to league start with it? Some items in it are really expensive.

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