[ISC] Boss killing / FREE masters 8 crafting service (no Leo)

got the multimod craft for my sceptre.
nice guy.
ok guys, all really gd, very fast and free service, got multi mods on sword!
Fast and reliable service, also nice dude. Totally recommend!
very nice dude, took a lot of his time but all was perfect!

Had the man craft prefix can't be changed 3 times. Hit the 8% pen on the second try. This turns out to be one of the best daggers I have made for myself.

Professional, fast, trustworthy. 10/10 crafting experience.

got my multimod with no problem. highly recommend

Linked and Chromed for me! 10/10 would recommend.

safe and fast
i5 2400s+hd6670+8gb ram+64gb ssd dogfish
TY man, u saved my time.
Trustworthy guy, fixed my corrupted sword -- quick, awesome, and nice!

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