What's with the bandwagon hate on shaped maps and sextants?

They can fix sextants by stopping blocking, I actually enjoy rolling them on maps im running to level with friends of whatever tier were currently getting decent XP off but i can't bring myself to do the focus all efforts on 1 map BS that the full min/maxers do.

Shaped maps themselves are no problem, as someone else mentioned though Breach being on Zana 8 is the biggest problem this league, firstly Zana 8 should be the XP required to get Zana 7 it already takes over a month into a league to get her to 7, its impossible to hit 8 without rotas even if you play 24/7 i suspect.

Breach is also way too big of an impact on the game to be on 8, you could keep it being expensive as its reward is so high but it doesn't belong on 8 but again my real issue here is zana 8 more than anything.
i'm a big fan of shaped maps, no problem with them at all. maybe i'm a huge autist but i prefer running the same map over and over rather than unlocking the entire atlas. sextants on the other hand, i hate them. they feel like a chore to maintain just to have decent density in maps and they force me to do a shitload more trading that i otherwise wouldn't have to do so yea i would be pretty happy if they went away
I take it back. I love sextants.
The people saying "sextants = more choice" im not sure understand what "more choice" means. More choice would be having a larger variety of maps you could run without being completely gimped by doing so.

As someone who has only recently started playing, this system is by far and away PoE's biggest weakness and one of the main reasons I don't play more then I would.

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