*Updated for 3.2* Volkuur's poison! millions of dps (7.5 mil shaper - 20 mil shaper GG gear)

Bristoling wrote:
Not if it's caused by elemental damage with Vokluurs. Slick build btw.

Ok but the Atziri's Promise flask does add chaos damage that stacks each time you convert the ele damage.
In any case, at least in my variant the occultist and ascendant/occultist -chaos resist does boost the total damage per poison

edit -


"In addition, cases where base damage of one type can cause a damaging ailment that deals a different type of damage will be treated similarly to conversion with regard to damage modifiers.

This means that if you have the unique item "The Three Dragons", so that you Ignite with Cold Damage, rather than Fire Damage, when hitting an enemy with Cold Damage, the hit will be affected by Cold Damage modifiers, while the resulting Ignite will be affected by modifiers to Cold or Fire Damage, because it's dealing Fire Damage from base Cold Damage - this is pretty much the same as converting damage from Cold to Fire, such as with the support gem. "

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never tried poison build before. have a question isit ur ice shot poison chance is 10% from the tree and 25 from the flask?
10% poison chance from tree, 60% while using a flask (ascendancy), 30% from flask(coraltio's + pathfinder flask effectiveness), so it's 100%. it's min-maxed. you can always get a bit more chance to poison on tree instead of poison dmg.
Pretty cool build... I just posted a few days ago a similiar build my Fire Poison Gladiator which is also based on volkuur's guidance but with fire. I tried also to reach high levels of poison stacks with fast attack, molten strike and mutliple balls hitting the targets. I musst say the idea with elemental overload is pretty cool... maybe I have to test that too:)

I also considered to go for more jewel sockets which would be on my way up.

Greetz Bash
[3.2] Bashtart's Spark Inquisitor: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1838569
[3.2] Oni-Goroshi Frost Blades Trickster: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2077486
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thx^^ i think gladiator is not the optimal choice to make poison scaling viable... the dmg should be far better with pathfinder.
should i get dying sun first or barrage helm? can only afford one of them atm...
what is your pantheon choice?

can u put poe trade link for abyys jewel?
dying sun is better than +1 barrage.

i chose brine king and tukohama but im not sure if thats optimal.

here's a PoB link for jewels : http://poe.trade/search/urenaketahewok
Do Abyss Jewels that have X% more DOT while using 2-handed weapon work with this Bow build?
All that and a bag of chips!
how do we get accuracy? what % we need?

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