[3.2] 15c BF BoR Champion/Zerker- Shaper/Guardians/Red Elder & Guardians/Uber Lab/Atziri

2 questions.

I know enemies explode and phys dam as fire are good for stat sticks. What else is useful to have on them? There is a LOT of stuff I see on them that I do not know if it only works on that weapon, so is of no use to us, and what things do help?

Is there a reason to not take the Poisonous Fangs skill?

Instead of blade flurry and berserker could I use molten strike with chieftain instead with this build?

The build template for this is something I been looking for a long time, it’s actually cheap so it’s a good league starter, it uses a claw so it’s got life on hit and Vaal pact effectively.

But I prefer chieftain so I can transition to a tanky end game build later without needing to level another toon. And I prefer molten strike because who doesn’t like fire. Blade flurry but boring!

Any issues going down that route?
do u think this will be still viable for Delve if nothing big changes in BOR or bloodseeker?
Build is dead due to dual wield change I assume? Real shame, I liked this as a budget melee that could face bosses. The stat-stick story might've been problematic but this build wasn't an abuser of them (see Death's Hand variant that worked just fine), still got killed in the process =(
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I don't think it's dead, Don The Crown made a blade flurry champion build and is killing Uber Elder in 3.5. Zaraki_delve from last league is playing again and is level 89 with dual wield Ahn's Might Blade Flurry. I made all sorts of meme builds but I'm on the search to make a deep delving boss'ing berserker, or I could just go summoner and not worry but I'm on the hunt to make it berserker work.
Actually he is doing this build and had made a few changes, im doing too and its more strong than before, check his characters and you´ll see the items, on the tree was made no changes, i already killed shaper deathless and t15 elder

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