[3.2] 15c BF BoR Champion/Zerker- Shaper/Guardians/Red Elder & Guardians/Uber Lab/Atziri

which helmet should i use to improve my char? (picked 6l belly of the beast instead of BoR) currently use abyssus and maybe some additional gems

thx for reply


after running maps with abyssus can't see much difference between BoR and 6l belly, but with abyssus I'm more fragile
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hi i'm currently using your build in flashback and it's destroying everything.
one question
obliterion wand can be used with this build? it's viable? it has a explosion bonus and really good phys onus too , am just a noob so i dont know every variable
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pretty decent weapon im using in flashback. cost about a chaos.
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Hi, all, why my hit chance is 81%, and my dps is to low

You have the "Worthy Foe" ascendency. Enemies taunted by you take 20% more damage and cannot evade your attacks. Thus your to hit chance is 100%. Combined with the prior ascendency "Conqueror" you taunt what ever you hit. So.... the in game tooltip will not be accurate. That is why most people use the 3rd party program Path of Building now. It can give you a much more accurate number. Tool tip damage on this build is pitiful. Many upgrades lower your tooltip dps but your actual dps skyrockets. So follow the guide and have faith if you don't want to grab path of building for free and figure that out.

Hope that helps.
Kerpliznik wrote:
Question about Adrenaline: Are we doing anything specific to proc this? I am debating on not taking First to strike, Last to fall in favor of Inspirational.

Do we reach "low life" often enough to proc this? Thoughts?


The Adrenaline is triggered by an 2nd set of weapons with a skill linked to blood magic that reserves life. You hit x, change weapons, trigger adrenaline, hit x again, switch to your main weapons and run over and pound on boss before it expires.

I have a laggy comp so I specd out of that into the perma fortify. Now I don't have to whirling blades thru enemies every 6 seconds or so to get my fortify up.
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Is this build dead? Any changes that make it not work for 3.3?
projectoffset wrote:
Is this build dead? Any changes that make it not work for 3.3?

Nope still viable and easily the most OP melee build in the game for the price.
Any advices on how level this build from act 1 to maps without do many changes in the passive tree?
SerNomeD wrote:
Any advices on how level this build from act 1 to maps without do many changes in the passive tree?

On Page 4 there is some nice advice for that:
thyroidgland wrote:
Being about a week or two into the league, there are a lot of different unique leveling items you could buy that would help you level really quickly.

Redbeak -> The Princess Sabres -> Mortem Morsu -> Boodseeker
Kept the Brightbeak War Hammer in my offhand since I had a spare and enjoyed the attack speed bonus, made whirling blades much faster.

Molten Strike w/ Ancestral call & Life Gain on Hit was great. Made the switch to BF at 28. BF > Faster Attacks > Melee Phys and the last one can be your choice of chance to bleed, life gain or whatever you want. swap in a concentrated effect on bosses and watch everything melt. If you have a Tabula, even better.

Running this on AHC and have been melting every single act boss. Probably the easiest character to level so far, BF is way too damn strong when you have some phys damage on jewelry.

In terms of leveling the tree, I go straight to the +30 Int node on the bottom right, then go back, take Golems Blood. Then to Soul Raker - by the time you reach it, you want that Mana-Leech and probably will have switched to BF with Mortem Morsu.

After that, you are free to go in any direction you want - depending on whether you need more dmg (Claws of the Magpie, Claws of the Pride) or life.
If you are missing some str or int, you can go to the left ... if everything is just going well, I'd go upwards towards Claws of the Falcon, because in the end you will need the Int there.

Oh - and do the first 2 labs before A10 boss - should be easy :)

..no reason to use any Refunds at all :)

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2 questions.

I know enemies explode and phys dam as fire are good for stat sticks. What else is useful to have on them? There is a LOT of stuff I see on them that I do not know if it only works on that weapon, so is of no use to us, and what things do help?

Is there a reason to not take the Poisonous Fangs skill?


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