3.1.1 Patch Notes

Cast on Melee Kill fixed?
Oh loving both abyss packs
Fixed two crashes with The Eradicator.
Fixed one instance crash.

I assume this fixed the crashing when trying to re-enter spires of delusion? (eradicator)
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Don't see fix Izaro's darkshrine to drop unique.
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Fixed a bug which caused the "Abandon Mission" button to appear at the top of Vagan's dialogue options.

LOL Color me stupid. I fell for this and abandoned my first HO Vagan mission. I thought it was me.
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Qarl wrote:
3.1.1 Patch Notes

Fixed a bug causing some audio to not be played in situations where many sounds were already being played.

Sweet Jesus, this has been the most annoying thing for me. Thank you GGG, we all love you.
Time to farm the Lich
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So bad there is no "like" button.

Well done! Awesome work!

Thank You!
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Damn still no fix for the Molten Strike bug.

(for those who don't know it's where molten strike balls will all miss the target if you have a "on hit" labyrinth enchant)
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Lots of nice fixes! But as a lab runner, I'm sad that I don't see bug fix for "Izaro will drop a unique item on death", ran through atleast 5 labs with that darkshrine not activating.

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