Showcasing New War for the Atlas Gems and Items

I can see nerfs coming by the end of the first week in my crystal ball.
BigSexyWalter wrote:
I thought that the spell damage from detonate dead was supposed to be increased? Thats the same as the old gem.

This. So they give more flat for leveling but no love for endgame? I was hoping for 8% corpse max hp damage atleast, or shit ton of more flat to make up for it. So we got littlebit AoE ja some cast speed. Great. Gonna use Volatile dead with spell cascade. it is better lul.
Looks incredible you have outdone yourself again GGG thank you for the awesome and continued free content! :)

I have a couple question, are the mods shown on these gear pieces always grouped together for example the mine and trap damage, mine damage and inc aoe?

Second, are the mods shown specific to the item bases they are shown on?

And third are mods shown the only mods available for each base type or will for example body armour have many different combinations of mods they can come with for example, armour mods, es mods, life mods, resist mods and so on?

Thanks in advanced you guys are doing a great job and never have I been more excited for a path update!
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Woah woah woah. Hand of Wisdom and Action was OK to have base lightning damage increase with int because it is a unique item with low stats (no generic flat phys/ele, no generic increased% phys/ele)

That bow you showcased is a rare. Unlike uniques, it can have generic flat phys/ele + increased%. How is this balanced? I think even if it got even t2 damage rolls, it is beyond busted. I cannot even imagine the amount of damage you deal with that bow even with a lackluster build with just 500 dex.
what do you mean by "this spell cannot be repeated" on the bodyswap gem ?
Ok clearly this league is going to be crazy.
I left my job.
Hf :)
baadgeek wrote:
what do you mean by "this spell cannot be repeated" on the bodyswap gem ?

Means it won't work with Spell Echo.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.

Path of Exile Version 0.7.0: Completely rebalanced everything[/quote] BEST PATCHNOTES EVER!! :D
people did cleave 4 years ago and it`s still only viable melee active gem. Ok we got BF but why should i do BF or Sunder if cleave have a free Fortify? You can literaly delete all not AOE gems, coz melee splash support it`s some kind of mockery. Should i think Charged Dash it`s melee attack? Have you tried to kill Sulphur Wastes Map`s boss with CD? What kind of content you are focused on? t2 Beach clearing? I must use Atziri's Disfavour or Starforge to force other gems (like Earthquake or Cyclone) work? Unique one handed swords are literaly trash. Not a single rapier X). Axes are useless because... Oh, because NON-crit builds did`t work at all X).
Exile played with cleave and Rare rapiers 4 years ago. Nothing changed. Maybe checking your melee-content-focused employers would be interesting idea? Or better to add 20 new spells which only works with <t9 maps. Or you can try to kill Sulphur Wastes Map`s boss with arc or what ever new spell gem you add X).

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