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>having friends

normies get out
funny, waiting 2-3 days for normal requests at the support, but then having time for this? :thinking:
What would be the appropriate sub-forum to start begging for gifts?
OMG, I am gonna give all my friends a weta everyday :)
Spamming GGG support in 3.. 2.. 1..
Completed 18 Challengesmiizii wrote:
Completed 12 Challengesp0t wrote:
That's nice and all but I'm still waiting for something to do with my ever growing collection of duplicate MTX.


If only i could get a reply lol GGG to busy with updates :D
Completed 15 ChallengesPetardinjo wrote:
Completed 8 Challenges鬼殺し wrote:
to: support@grindinggear.com
from: Me
Subject: please transfer some GGGold to this account

Hi GGGang,

Just the usual. Please transfer 1000 GGGold to account TotallyNotAnRMTBot. Cheers, and happy hols!



This is clearly a joke btw. I only have 1 GGGold left.

Just checked your title Ruler of Wraeclast Pack and it seems price was for that was $12500 and yet only 11000 points? You should have 1 100 000 points IMO for pack you own. But other titles says you obviously do have over 1M points anyhow.

Your math is way off -- Fairly sure I've never had over 100k at any given time. Besides, I bought a LOOOOOT of black cats. Right now I have 1 GGGold. I plan to keep it that way for as long as possible. It amuses me.
I am convinced the so-called Mathil Effect represents a deep-seated failure in PoE...I'm just not sure of what.
Why isn't this a standard thing? This should be build into the game/site it would make you so much money. It would also be a huge boon for streamers as they could do MTX giveaways for their channels.
Hi, i am trying to gift my friend some stuff and i contacted GGG but it is a giant mess. We are 6 mails deep (with their questions and my answers) and they just keep asking me questions.

First mail, they ask me to confirm my account and the name on some of my characters and the accounts of the friends receiving the gifts.

Second mail after i confirmed, they asked me to confirm a few of my last transactions and if i payed with Steam or credit card.

Third mail after i confirmed again, they asked me what city/state i live in and a screenshot of recent Steam transactions.

Why can't you just fucking ask all the questions in one fucking mail and not come up with new questions each answer i mail back?

Be prepared for a mess when gifting!
Completed 17 ChallengesTiitz wrote:
funny, waiting 2-3 days for normal requests at the support, but then having time for this? :thinking:

When I used to play temp HC leagues and wanted to "reserve" the name they changed it like in 5 min to XXXRip. Via email..

But I'm definetly looking for this because I have plenty of points and guild mates are considering buying that map tab.

Edit: what I can't use my already paid points?

Essence rips https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1DTVr3jaDbnHbfGnofet_oeUO8AvHBn_
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