I cannot unshape a shaped Malformation map.

I want to use my Atlas that I completed in Harbinger league when the hideout/atlas merger happens. I unshaped all the other maps on the Atlas but the shaped Malformation map as it keeps giving me "Failed to apply item: The operation could not be completed." error. What do I need to do to unshape it so I can use my optimized Harbinger Atlas when the merger happens?
Last bumped on Dec 6, 2017, 5:45:32 PM
Some more information. Currently on the Atlas I show 15 different maps with the blue circle around them, meaning doing those will give me a shaper orb. The most maps you can shape is 15, but the Shaped Malformation is still shaped along with the shaper orb's that are obtainable would give me 16. Maybe this is causing the error?

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