"That character is not online"

I had this message happen in mayhem and turmoi a lot! I am not talking about whispering someone on poe.trade. I'm talking about friends trying to whisper me or I am trying to whisper them and get this response. This even happend mid-conversation.
We usually use the "Status" to inform each other that this is "active" right now. But once it was and you stayed in that instance (that could be your hideout) you could never be whispered to again!
A relog, or switch to another instance fixed this.
We also tried different gateways but got the same result (Milan, Amsterdam, Frankfurt)

But it was kinda scary that nobody can whisper you to trade things and you just don't ever know. Others just get the "That character is not online" message.

Hope this is fixed in 3.1.
Last bumped on Dec 7, 2017, 6:25:45 PM
I think it's only supposed to give you that message when the recipient was in the process of changing zones. Message senders used to get no indication the person didn't receive the message so they added that. Not sure if that's what happened to you some of the time.
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Thats not what happens. As I said, as soon as this was active it was forever until you switched zone.
Ofc you try to send the msg again.

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