Path of Exile 3.1.0: War for the Atlas Patch Notes

"Lycosidae: Chance to drop from monsters has been greatly reduced. This item was being used on a significant portion of melee characters across all levels as an extremely cheap way to get around accuracy requirements"

wow. So you acknowledge there is a problem...same with Bisco's collar, but instead of dealing with the problem you just make these items harder to get, even though they feel MANDATORY for some builds.

cool stuff.
I found these patch notes to be pretty underwhelming.

The Path of Nerfs meta continues, as more defensive options are eroded while monster/boss health/damage balance stays the same, for some reason...

I hope the expansion content and Abyss league makes up for the lack of interesting changes.
So yeah aside from a huge swing in skeleton damage the skill and tree sections are thoroughly unimpressive. Well, the increased radius on IC\EQ is a nice touch, but it's not much :D.

A lot of bug fixes is always good, and i'm curious to see exactly how shaped\elder items and the new uniques do, but yeah this wasn't what i expected\was hopeful for.
y'all do realize all increasing level 100 experience does is make it where people who play 20 hours a day will always still get 100. You just made it where people who play a smaller portion have no chance at pushing early.
So GGG continue fucking Path of Exile, they want players play as they want, they forget that the meaning of getting that insane big skill points tree, its to give players freedom, poe are getting to the fuck, thx to the devs, that only hear a few fuckers streamers, that are fucking their own creation, great work ggg fucking their own game every league.

Better analize why you dont have any retentive on your own game, every last 2 month of league are a dessert your game, harbinger was really bad, and boring, seems like new league will be same shit, but now with more nerfs and retarded things, ggg need to fire their balance team, and their community manager because seems that only hear the same 4 twith retard streamers, and ignore the 99.9999% of their base of players, really bad work.
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Slayer: Brutal Fervour no longer grants +10% of maximum Life per second to maximum Life Leech rate.

Any idea what % this will be changed too or will it be reworked completely?
interesting to see how altas and exp changes turn out after a few months of playing
Auras you have activated that are affecting you are no longer displayed in the buff bar as the skill icon shows which auras are active. Auras from other sources will still appear in your buff bar.

This is a MAJOR problem, because people often have *none* of their aura skills visible in the tiny little skill bar. They cycle through them to turn them on and then get rid of them.

These skill visuals need to be put on the UI. Above the skill bar would be just fine, so long as they're visible.

Your minions (and their minions) will no longer deal or take damage while you are dead.

So what about all of the craptastic items that are 'increased damage while dead' good for? There's a unique and at least one support gem that require damage to be done AFTER death.
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Such a shame the devs don't even bother anymore.
More complete dogshit.

Comparatively you just nerf and nerf and nerf some more. Where exactly are the buffs that anyone really cares about?

You could have buffed ES, reduced monster life by 15% across all levels, and made party play more rewarding/less cancer to our video cards.

Why you have to spend time buffing summon skeletons instead of this is beyond me.
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