Trade Site show multiples

The trade site is showing the same entry several times when I search with Bulk Item Exchange.

If I search for Esh's Breachstone <-> Chaos, the first 9 listings are from the same guy (re...90), show 1 Esh's Breachstone for 7 Chaos Orb and Stock: 2. After that I get another 9 listings from some other
guy (ol...el). All 9 identical. Then another 9 listings from a third guy...
Last bumped on Dec 6, 2017, 6:38:40 PM
Hi there, thanks for your report!

Could I please know the league were you searching for the items in? Also the entire search URL would be handy so I can try to track down this issue for you.
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Sure thing.

I was searching in Standard Softcore, here are some examples:

Esh's Breachstone for chaos:
Tul's Breachstone for chaos:
Chayula's Breachstone for chaos:
Chaos Orb for Exalted Orb:

EDIT: Got the last description wrong, it's fixed now.

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Hey, I think someone did something that fixed this bug for a while but a couple minutes ago the bug just happened again. Maybe something rolled back ... I dunno.

Getting 15 copies of each listing now.

EDIT: Adding URLs
Last edited by nszeek on Dec 6, 2017, 4:50:21 PM
This was indeed rolled back, I've added the fix back again. This shouldn't be a problem once the next patch goes live.
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