Discharge Build

Want to do a build focused on discharge

Anyone done it before? How was it? is it actually worth trying?

Cant seem to find any builds were someone has done it.

What race is best to use? Is Templar good for it?

Any help would be great

Build focusing around discharge is a not aňviable from mz point cause the dmg is low and zou are loosing stacks of power siphon, frenzy and endurance....
It is true that zou can easily gain frenzy charges but its a bit tricky with endurance and power charges since one is kill based and the other has 4s cooldown
stack 4 enduring cry gems on weapon switch. I do have an idea for a build of this type and that is the only hint I will give you. I will write this up one day, but Even w/ 10 charges, the dmg output is average I may have found a way around this but it takes some godly gear. I am waiting for a buff to discharge.
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I have been looking into this very thing, and here's my crazy solution.

Run Blood Rage anywhere in your gear. Dual wield wands w/ high spell damage. Get amulets and rings w/spell damage and health. Your main gear should have Increased Aoe with Discharge, Warlord's Mark, and Enduring Cry in it.

This is how it works:

You gather a big group of bad guys behind you like a train. You cast enduring cry as you run, picking up endurance charges. You then stop, cast warlord's mark on as many of them as you can, cast blood rage, and then cast discharge in that order.

Any bad guys you kill with the initial blast give you frenzy charges, and a chance to give you endurance charges at well (better charges at higher level) allowing you to enduring cry/discharge again for just about your maximum damage. Use Ice Spear as a side spell for single targets and bosses, since it'll do good damage with your high spell damage build.

For your passives, start marauder, cruise out through the health line, and pass out through the fire resist. Grab that endurance charge. Go up and grab the templar's endurance charge, snagging the elemental adaptation, 30 dex, and 30 int along the way, and snag his health buffs. At the top of the health there's increased AoE damage and increased elemental damage. Swoop around to the right and grab all of those up. Don't bother with the power charge.

Go down from where you grabbed your mara's endurance charge, and go down passed lava lash and life leech (don't get either of them) and grab those two sweet 12% life nodes. From there, roll over the middle way to the centerline of duelist, and snag golem's blood, the endurance charge, and the frenzy charge. Continue on, rounding up inbetween the 30 strength and int nodes (grab all the life around there) and plow over to the right to grab the ranger's frenzy, and then circle up and take the shadow's frenzy charge. Finish off by grabbing every other attached health node in existence until you run out of points. At a reasonable level, you will have 6 (7 with that unique) endurance charges and 4 frenzy charges. Being able to recast them with little effort keeps your damage high. Besides that, you'll have plenty of health and health regen to tank anything you feel like, and plenty of endurance charges to give you an extra bump besides.

You'll have plenty of strength to grab all armor gear. You can use power siphon with your wands to grab power charges if you really want to (adds some damage and crit chance) but you don't really have enough spec points to invest in getting more charges, AND it doesn't have a handy sustain mechanic like blood rage and warlord's mark.

Have fun.
Gimme a week or two. I'm working on a discharge templar right now. He's only lvl 38 but just putting my toes in the water with how some of the things will work it's already incredibly fun.

You guys make things to complicated with end charges and all these curses. I'm using 2 things to build charges and a total of 3 active skills, one being discharge obviously. I'll share the build when I feel it's complete or close to at least.
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Blood rage, Warlord's Mark, and Discharge are the only 3 actives in my build :P
Bump. Interested more in this... some people said they were working on builds. Wondering how that is going.
well last i said anything about discharge when i was playing with moosifer he said its a crap skill because it is balanced around diamond flasks, flasks which were removed when OB started because they were kind of overpowered.

i haven't tried it myself but i trust the guy, i haven't seen any successful discharge builds in OB yet doing high maps and only a few of them in CB.. i guess you will just have to wait until the skill gets buffed in a few patches, it was mentioned that it will get a buff and a bit of a change so its actually usable without Dflasks in some patch notes
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It's worth noting that even with high numbers of charges, the damage on discharge is really meh. I think I read somewhere that it's getting buffed, though.
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Ok so i'm also working on a discharge build and i have 2 or 3 idea to make it works.
Fist using a good quality Warlord's mark and blood rage is core to generate charge with Discharge.

Then there are the power charges. My first Idea was to totally skip them because there is not a reliable skill to recharge power charge effectively. To conteract this i will take advantage of the lack of lighting damage to use Elemental equilibrium and shock stack through Arc (i started by using shock nova but i ended hating the spell due to its random AoE).

And lastly and because discharge deal poor damage i wanted to use cold to fire with chance to ignite to increase the total damage effectively.

Full build Idea, totally crazy one :


My second idea is to make use of the power charges and the life leech given buy Blood rage and warlord's mark ==> using a physical wand and power siphon.

Core build 88 points :


Pros for this build. Good life leech use and culling strike which can be pretty determinant in group. You need to kill to get the charges.
I would say less damages overall and no Iron reflex US.

Both build can use a +1 curse ring for a free elemental weakness and there is also the conduit gloves.

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