[Lvl 78] Templar Inquisitor Build 16k DPS, no gears required

My Build here is for Templar inquisitor Ice Nova Spell Echo build. 16K DPS and 4.3k Effective life. Build is based on ice curse and penetration, with less crit. I also have one fire golem for 19% damage boost.


4L Ice Nova and Fire Ball

Build Explanation

No Crit Multi and Some Ele damage boost plus huge bonus health regen and Consecrated Ground Bonus. Require no funding, and some gem luck.
I'm using Purity of Elements for resist, and Artic Armor for physical reduction.

Aim for Pious Path, as of now I'm lvl 78 and only 6 ascendancy points. Will check later.

Bonus: Sulful flask for more Consecrated Ground.

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