[3.0] The Frozen Blade { Inquisitor MoM Frost Blades + Blade Flurry }


Fast clear speed.
High amount of life and sustain.
Fun to play.
Clever use of mechanics.


Raider more efficient on low budget.

Level 60 Tree

Leveled as RT sunder with unique two handed axes. Chose two points for bandits. Soul of solaris major, soul of yugul minor.

For an alternative to a high dps claw, you can use the unique claw Touch of Anguish. This allows you to not need the chain support gem and can instead use another multiplier. Atziri's Acuity is expensive but you can use vaal pact instead and remove mind over matter or use mana gained on hit claw.

The Lycosidae shield grants "hit's can't be evaded" which allows no need for accuracy at all in this build. The shield corruption and the boot enchantment are very important for running mind over matter on this build. They allow you to recover mana if you take a large hit that leaves your pool empty.

This build feels amazing to play and makes for a great experience mapping. Frost blades clears very well with chain and has no problems with elemental reflect. Blade flurry has the ability to shock enemies since linked to physical to lightning. Blade flurry and ancestral protector are your single target damage. Use them for map bosses.


Belly of the beast is a great choice if you can afford it. If not a rare high life six link will work as a temporary.

You can use either a rare claw or Touch of Anguish. Keep in mind if using touch of anguish you may want to use intuitive leap and get over charged to sustain power and frenzy charges easier.

This shield is very powerful. Hard to find something better and very affordable.

You can use rare gloves here or another more affordable unique and take vaal pact for instant leech. You may want to consider dropping mind over matter if you are not using acuity.

The helmet enchantment is a very nice quality of life improvement and affordable. You could use a unique helmet like rat's nest but a high life rare helmet is better in my opinion.

Most important thing to get is high life and the enchantment if you are using mind over matter. Movement speed and resists are important but can be made up elsewhere.

Here you can use a rare belt with high elemental damage with attack skills and high life.

Bisco's is to hard to replace. The income gained is just to substantial.

For rings you want high life and resists. Since your hits can't be evaded you don't need accuracy so elemental damage with attack skills is next in priority. Then flat physical damage last.

This is the flask setup. Taste of hate provides some max cold resistance as well as some physical damage mitigation. Atziri's Promise adds quite a lot of damage as well as much needed chaos resistance and a little leech.


More coming soon!
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As per the build listing guidelines, builds that are more or less incomplete or only exist as item showcases are not included.

Give your build some time and work on discussing the pros and cons a bit more, realistic goals that are not HH/Acuities, and more thought into things such as what map mods it can run, what content it can clear, perhaps break down some aspects of it as other guides do.

To be clear, I turn down build 'guides' that have a PoB link to substitute for the guide creation aspect. It is not viable to expect all forum users to plug your code into an application they may not use and call it a day.

I look forward to reviewing this submission again soon and approving it in the near future.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
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