Change language on xBox One

Hey, I read that since today it is possible to change the games language to German, Unfortunately I can't find that option on my xbox one. Is it a PC only feature?
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Would you have a source for that?

While GGG have been working on German localisation, I haven't heard anything about it being finished. I'd also be a bit surprised if the patch was deployed today, as in New Zealand it's the weekend currently. I imagine they'd want to be in the office in case of issues.
Thank you for your answer.

Maybe I misunderstood the whole thing, but I thought that with patch 3.0.2 the new languages will be included.

When I start POE on my Xbox, it shows 3.0.2 in the lower right corner.

Have a great weekend!
I don't see a mention of new languages in 3.0.2 patch notes for Xbox. They will come in the 3.0.2 patch for PC, I think it will be a later patch on Xbox. ;)
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