[3.0] Windripper Currency Generator (now with FAQ section)

I spent like 25 ex now doing mf build still dont understand why we have to use herald of ash

It's for the overkill burn.
itsMartini wrote:
Quick update:

I know people are looking for an updated guide. I'll post it shortly after the holiday. Right now I'm focused on farming, and writing the guide takes a bit of time and effort. I'll be away for a few days for the holiday, but when I come back, I'll bump up the guide update on my priority list.

Happy holiday to you! Just wanted to express my interest in an update as I have a couple of minor questions regarding gear and passive changes. However, I'll wait for the update before I ask any questions since I have a feeling they'll be covered.

Thanks for the work you put into the guide!
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines. Do you like gladiator movies?
Hey, recently started playing the build in Abyss.

Was wondering what you relied on to grind up to a 6L, biscos, just the more pricey items. Was it just currency drops and valuable divination cards such as The Doctor?

Also, thoughts on Starkonjas and Yriels?

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been farming shaped vaults with this build only im not using those bots but im using goldwyrn and divine flask for more quantity and i can make lots of profit by farming only shaped vaults
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im just about to level a chr for this build, since i used it in harb league and i had a lot of fun and im really satisfied with it.. farmed a ton of currency too. thanks for the guide ! Happy holidays :)
playing this build and loving it

made 20ex in last 3 days mapping alched t6's-t10's for 10-12hours/day together with my friend aurabot so +50%iiq and these items:

build fucking rox

actually it would be ~24ex but spent 4ex beforehand to gear my friends aurabot

can't wait to him reaching lvl 80+ so we can start to spam shaped vaults with sextants
Explosive Cleave Gladiator by supreme_pizza
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Been doing great so far, but started farming shaped vault today and if I roll a hard map (100+ iiq) breaches eat me alive. I think I have to kill faster since I dont melt dense packs and they eventually get to attack and kill me. If anyone could look at my items and tell me where I could improve I'd really appreciate it. Character is "Its_Gewi_Boi".

use double herald, use herald of ice with curse on hit and enfeeble for survivability
Explosive Cleave Gladiator by supreme_pizza
this build has been fun so far tho i didnt have time to play a lot so im still pretty poor and that bisco is to rich for me still so came up with a bit altered gear set that still lets me farm

the thiefs ring works perfect and got a nice quantity bonus
Knampfclown wrote:
use double herald, use herald of ice with curse on hit and enfeeble for survivability

Was already using double herald.

The curse on hit setup really did help. I die a lot less now.

I also added an Atziri's Promise (since I don't have a Dying Sun) and the damage boost helps a lot.

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