In this episode of Build of the Week, we're showcasing a build that uses Dark Pact, Soul Mantle and the Self Flagellation Jewel to melt map bosses while keeping you very safe. Check out the full episode for more information about this build and how it works.

For more in-depth information about the build, check out xiayotiao1's build guide here. If you'd like to submit your own build for next week's episode, just post a build-guide in the appropriate class forum.
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Grinding Gear Games
Cool. I did Bobslop's scion version and it is very strong. This is very similar. Great builds.
Last edited by Orbitalx on Sep 21, 2017 3:31:12 PM
mtx of the week
You know the fellow exile washed up on Twilight Strand?
Well I never click on him for the skill gem. Why?
I feel sorry for him.
at least no zerker!
Bex is best waifu ✿
Soul Mantle is too powerful.
Balance is an illusion, exile.
We creep ever-closer to an actual melee BOTW...
I shouldn't be surprised that the sorts of people attracted to a game like PoE are also the sort to stuck arguing the infinite spiral of minutiae and fail to see the bigger picture, but I am. A little.
Did Scion version of this build and pretty too damm strong.
shouldn't this be labeled as Dark Pact totem Necromancer?

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