The Uber Lab's chopping blocks traps causes bleeding is bugged which kills all my minions

I can't do uber labs as a summoner necro because uber lab's chopping blocks traps are bugged and the bleeding is so bugged it kills all my minions. Can anyone from GGG helps to fix this? Does any other summoner necros are having the same problems and can confirm the Uber labs chopping blocks traps are 100% bleeding bugged to minions?
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I'm not familiar with minions. How are chopping blocks bugged and how is bleeding bugged?
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The chopping blocks traps in uber labs causes abnormally high bleeding damage to any minions while all other traps are normal. It's almost instant death to all minions including spectres, golems and animated guardian and it's not normal because I can't do uber labs as a summoner necro. The bleeding damage from uber labs chopping block traps spikes and the minions can't survive through even one of those and this is abnormal. Bleeding in general game mechanics are not bugged. I'm addressing the chopping blocks traps in uber labs' bleeding which is bugged because it's not normal for minions to die so easily to chopping blocks traps bleeding damage while all other traps are survivable.
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still not fixed ? *feelsbadman*
I confirm this bug, my spectres and AG are pretty tanky becase of my equipment, they survive guardians with no problems, so as running through all the traps besides these chopping blocks.

AG dies in a few seconds so i have to remove the gem, and specters - i just pray for them no to be hit, while running uberlab...

Please, fix it!
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