[3.0] [SC] [Trickster] Caustic Arrow CI Ninja T16+

Last update : 13.09.2017 : Added ED for single target support.

I am not very active between leagues, feel free to ask questions, but it might take days before I answer.

Pros & Cons

Pros :
1) Fairly cheap right now (in Harbinger league) because ES, + 3 bow and the uniques used are (or at least were when I did the build) disregarded by many
2) Smooth gameplay, great clear speed
3) Immune to many map mods
4) Very good survivability
5) Easy to gear (in Harbinger League)
6) Easy mechanics
7) Able to do eventually all game content (although not as fast Dark Pact)

Cons :
1) Dps sucks even with BIS gear (you need a second 6L ED single target for Shaper and Uber Atziri)
2) Leveling sucks without leveling gear (unless you cheese it by going ED)

Defensive mechanics

This build focus on a high shield pool combined with a low cooldown and high recharge rate, and a lot of ways to evade/dodge attacks and spells.

My current stats are :

- 115% faster start of recharge, which gives a total cooldown of 0.93 sec.

- Recharge rate is 51%/sec, so a full recharge takes 1.9 sec.

- Evasion is at 55% (64% while not on full ES) without flasks and 76% (80% while not on full ES) with flask.

- Dodge chance is 8/5% without flasks and 20/17% with flasks.

So basically, all you need to do is not take damage for 2 seconds to regen most of your ES pool.

Offensives mechanics


With +3 bow and lvl 4 empower we get a lvl 28 Caustic arrow.

Base damage of lvl 28 Caustic arrow is : 1684

Gems (+1 to all support gems from the bow):

- Damage on Full Life : 1.5
- Void Manipulation : 1.4
- Concentrated Effect : 1.55
- Swift Affliction : 1.45

Total increased damage :
With passives and gems we get around 570% increased damage, so 6.7 multiplier.

Total Damage before buffs & debuffs
1684 * 1.5 * 1.4 * 1.55 * 1.45 * 6.7 = ~53'000 DPS

With buffs & debuffs
With 4 power charges and 4 frenzy charges : 65'000 DPS
With Vulnerability : 87'000 DPS
With both Witchfire & Sorrow of the Divine : 100'000 DPS
With 20 stacks of Wither : 200'000 DPS
With Socked Ground : 240'000 DPS

DPS against bosses
Normal bosses : 190'000 with all buffs & debuffs, 45k without any buff and debuff.
Guardians & Shaper : 165'000 with all buffs and debuffs, 40k without any buff and debuff.

So, as you can see, there is a huge gape between unbuffed dps and fully buffed dps. Expect around 60k to 80k dps against Guardians and Shaper, or any other monster that has a lot of chaos resistance.

Links : ED + Decay + Controlled Destruction + Efficacy + Void Manipulation + Swift Affliction

Total ED dps with decay should be at least 67% of your Arrow DPS, up to 80% additional total DPS depending on your passives, jewels and gems level. For my char lvl 20 Decay gives more dps than lvl 3 Empower, but it can vary depending on your passives and jewels.

What the build is capable of

Everything up to T16, including Guardians should not pose any trouble. Although, Guardians fights will take a few minutes because the dps sucks. I managed to do Hydra Guardian, with 8 mods, one of them being no regen.

Uber Lab : this build facerolls uberlab, but it will sometime be hard to go full key run, because CA will kill things you don't want to kill. To fix this use ED as main single target, it will slow down a bit the fight, but it remains a very safe one, Izaro has slow attacks, you always have time to regen your shield in between.

Guardian of the Phoenix : an easy fight, dodge the tornadoes, little phoenix should die instantly with one arrow, and wait until the Guardian dies. ED is not required for this fight and will only make it shorter (not easier).

Guardian of the Chimera : the easiest one in my opinion because he only has 'attacks', and you will by default avoid them 90% of the time. The build can afk during the smoke phase and tank it. Be carefull with adds, use vaal lightning trap and potions to burst them, and you should be fine. ED is not required for this fight and will only make it shorter (not easier).

Guardian of the Minotaur : you can facetank him and sidestep when he slams or burrows. The only way to die to him is to get stuck in the lightning or to not get out of the rocky rain (any other attack will not oneshot you and you will have time to regen the shield before the next one). ED is not required for this fight and will only make it shorter (not easier).

Guardian of the Hydra : it is in my opinion the hardest one for this build, but if you are used to the fight and positioning yourself around the Guardian you should be fine. This fight is all about being able to keep the right positioning and adapt it to the frostbolts.ED is not required for this fight and will only make it shorter (not easier).

Shaper will test the limits of the build dps. Dps is so low, even with BIS gear, that you will need to pop all cool-downs to kill the adds or Zana will die. If you do not use ED to support your single target DPS, you will need a perfect (I'm not joking) management of the orbs during phase 2 and 3 to have a chance to beat him because the fight will last an eternity.

Uber Atziri is fine up until Atziri herself and does not require ED until Atziri. Vaals are totaly manageable as long as they don't end up stacking in a corner (if they do, its still doable, but you will end up dying). As I said, fight will last long, so a perfect gameplay is required. However Trio will be a joke, the build destroy it completely (even if, as often said, you have to expect a long fight). Just kill them in the right order (ranged -> dual striker -> cycloner) and abuse the movement speed and dodge/evasion combined with the shield recharge rate to beat them. Trouble comes with Atziri. Altough the build has enough dps to take care of the healing phase, you will not be able to cheese the phases. Expect a total fight time of about 5min of bullet hell were you can't do any mistake. Be careful when you use ED, the cast time will be highed than a caster because you do not have any casting speed. Precast ED during the clone phase to be safe.


Major Gods :

- Brine King : stun immunity and freeze immunity are the budget option. It is the one I'm using right now. Getting stun immunity from gear would probably be best in the long run because Lunaris and Solaris have very good bonus depending on the fight you will face.

- Solaris : probably the best option for maping

- Lunaris : best God for end game bosses

- Arakaali : nothing useful here

Minor Gods :

- Abberath : because of the way this build works defensively, it can be a good choice for some maps or bosses in order to be immune to burning ground and have reduced ignite duration

- Soul or Ralakesh : again, it is situational. If you will face enemies that apply bleeding (like Atziri) or that maim (like Chimera), those are just example, its a good option

- Garukhan : savage hit doesn't work with ES and the second bonus will rarely be active

- Yugul : reflect freeze can be a thing, same for reduced cold damage taken, but well, there is much better

- Tukohama : can maybe be used against Minautor, but that's all I can think about

- Gruthkul : most likely useless for this build

- Ryslatha : even more useless

Current Gear

For Jewels look for anything with {chaos = dmg = dot > aoe = projectile} + {%ES} + {any defensive stat that you lack > (%es recharge start/speed)}
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Is it possible to play the build in T10-T15s with 5l and mediocre bow or does it suck without it?
Revolutia wrote:
Is it possible to play the build in T10-T15s with 5l and mediocre bow or does it suck without it?

By going 5L you will lose a 1.4 multiplier and for each level of CA down 28 you will lose a ~1.11 multiplier. So my guess is that you would have a 5L +2 bow, and a level 3 empower and a lvl 20 CA, which would result in a lvl 25 CA. So in total you would lose 1.4*1.11*1.11*1.11 = 1.92, so your dps would be divided by 1.92 (from 55k to 28k). My wild guess is that for white and yellow maps it should be fine, but red maps will have slow clear speed because anything with chaos res will take forever to kill.

For sure its possible to get more dps for CA than my build has by not taking Trickster but going Occultist or Berserker, but then you have to play it very differently.
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Hello, cool build and clean guide format.

I was wondering if this build would be HC viable for running end game maps? (Not really looking to do Uber Atziri/Shaper yet but that would be a plus). Thanks for your time.
Aesurah wrote:
Hello, cool build and clean guide format.

I was wondering if this build would be HC viable for running end game maps? (Not really looking to do Uber Atziri/Shaper yet but that would be a plus). Thanks for your time.

Hello, thank you :) This build is made to avoid taking risks, you do not need to aim, and you do not need to stick on targets to dps, you can spend your time focusing on avoiding damage and staying in a safe spot.

With enough ES (8k5 I'd say at least) I would say it is viable for endgame mapping in HC, although I would not recommend it at all for HC before having enough levels and gear because the defenses scale exponentially with the ES pool.

Also make sure you have a reliable way to remove ignite, because in the long run you get used to the shield recharge cooldown and you start to anticipate your moves toward it. An ignite you missed will prevent the shield recharge you anticipated and probably kill you. Bleed has a more reliable sound effect and visual, and is applied by only specific type of mobs, so it is less dangerous because you can anticipate it and clearly see when you are bleeding.

So in the end, it can certainly be, but you will have to pay attentions to things you usually do not.
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did you take Patient Reaper for the 70% and DoT? How it works with ES Recharge?
It does increase your es recharge, but only if you killed an enemy recently. Without I have 51% es recharge/sec, and with I would have 86% es recharge sec, which is a big upgrade, I agree.

However you need to have killed recently and this is most of the time not possible with bosses. Since this build has no trouble at all with map clearing and the difficult part is about bosses, I did not take it, and instead went for Weave the Arcane which gives a nice and needed bonus to mana regen and 8% reduced damage taken that you can activate easily.

If you plan to just go for an xp/hour race and you can afford some mana regen jewelery, then I guess it would be a better choice than Weave the Arcane. My focus is more balanced on endgame bosses and some maping, so that's why I did not take it.
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ci but no ci is it just my tree bugged or ?
its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine
runemaster12 wrote:
ci but no ci is it just my tree bugged or ?

For this one, I will let you figure out the answer by yourself, it is always good to understand a minimum how a build works and no just mindlessly copy past it ;)
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How’s Uber lab speed with this build?

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