[3.1] MoM Firestorm Berserker - Beginner/SSF/League Starter - All Content (Videos)



This is a self-cast Firestorm build. The plan: you cast Firestorm and things die. Everything dies.

Videos (3.0)

All videos were recorded at lvl 85.


Chimera (ads phase can be dangerous, forgot my Quicksilver and got destroyed during the 2nd smoke phase)

Hydra (tried to face tank the Barrage shot, failed)



Pros & Cons

+ Incredibly simple. Great for beginners.
+ Cheap to get started.
+ Does all content.
+ Decently tanky

- Not the fastest of builds
- Delayed damage makes for not the best QoL

Why Berserker?

Mana Leech + MoM feels good.


Firestorm is an AoE fire ability that rains down fire randomly on an area. This makes it difficulty to truly calculate the DPS of this build. In simple terms, less AoE = more single-target DPS, and vice versa.

We abuse Berserker's innate leech from Pain Reaver & War Cry spells for sustain. A high life pool + MoM + defensive aura(s) are used to mitigate Aspect of Carnage's downside.

Skill Tree & Ascendancy

113 Points Tree

Pain Reaver -> Crave the Slaughter -> Aspect of Carnage -> War Bringer

Bandits & Pantheon

Kill all.

Major God: Soul of the Brine King. If using Kaom's Roots, Soul of Lunaris for general mapping and Soul of Solaris for end-game bosses.

Minor God: Soul of Yugul.

Current Gear (Harbinger)

Gear Explanation


Dual Sceptre for maximum damage and Leap Slam. Get Cast Speed, Elemental Damage, Fire Damage, Spell Damage, and Added Fire Damage to Spells. Attack Speed is also good for movement skills. I used a Doryani's Catalyst because I can't be arsed to find another decent sceptre. You can go dual wield or a shield for Shield Charge.

Helmet with "Increased Firestorm Duration" is best.

The ultimate amulet for the build, but also incredible expensive. Use a rare amulet with life/spell damage/fire damage/cast speed if you can't afford a Xoph's Blood.

Get life/fire damage/cast speed/res

Life/res. Get movement speed if you're using Shield Charge. You can also use a Belt of the Deceiver.

Life and res.

Life and res. Gets movement speed if you want/use Shield Charge. You can also use Kaom's Roots.

Gem Links


Main Skill 6 links. Priority from left to right.

Auras + Enduring Cry.

Your CWDT setup. It's up to you whether or not you want to self-cast your Golem.

Our Orb of Storms setup. Used to proc Elemental Overload and Arcane Surge (lvl 7).

Our movement skill. You can weapon swap to Bright Beak + shield for Shield Charge if you prefer.

+ Life %
+ Cast Speed/Cast Speed with Fire/Cast Speed while Dual Wield
+ Spell Damage/Fire Spell Damage/Area Damage/Fire Damage/Spell Damage while Dual Wield


Helpful uniques, but not necessary:



Fire Ball -> Flame Totem -> Firestorm.

Link Firestorm with Faster Casting + Added Cold until you get Controlled Destruction & Elemental Focus. Replace Faster Casting with Spell Echo. Level a Concentrated Effect to use when you get to maps.

You can also level with any melee skill until you feel comfortable enough to switch.


32 Points Tree

62 Points Tree

88 Points Tree

My Other Builds

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Giving this one a bump.
I'm fairly new to the game so I'm probably just missing something here but,

Your Arcane Surge gem says,"Gain arcane surge when you spend 32 mana with supported spells." Your Orb of Storms says it costs 28 mana to cast. Wouldn't that mean you are never getting Arcane Surge off your Orb of Storms?
Orb of Storms is linked to 3 support gems. These support gems increases the mana cost of the spell by a certain multiplier, which makes it cost enough mana to proc Arcane Surge.

For future reference, even if the mana cost of a spell doesn't reach Arcane Surge's threshold, further casting of said spell will count toward it, so you will always eventually get Arcane Surge off. Our Orb of Storms however is optimised to proc it in one cast.
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Do you reckon the build will still be able to do all content with the Vaal Pact nerf in 3.1? And if so, will you even take Vaal Pact consdiering its new position on the tree?
I'm holding off on speculating before I see the full change log. That said, if there's nothing else to bolster it the build will require significant changes, that is if aggressive Berserker doesn't die off all together. Since we're a ranged spellcaster build we can move to MoM instead of Vaal Pact. It won't be as good but I believe it'll survive.
Build is updated and ready for 3.1.
Can you explain what to need a pick in skill tree, I mean after 30lvl, after60 etc. Sorry for my English
Added a leveling trees section.

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