Chat Crashes since last Patch

Hi since the last Patch my Game always Crashes wenn i choose in waht Chate i want to write as soon as i click on Local Global Party ore Whisper the Game Crashes i can oben Chate wiht Enter and use # % @ to choose.And i have the Create Char Crash to and 2 ahter Gildis have the same Problem. We all use Vista ore Xp all my Gildis that use Windose 7 dont have the bug so i think that is the Problem. We are 6 Players in my Gild 3 have the Bug 3 dont and thay have Windows 7 we even tryd it out i gave my frend my Account Login and he tryd on his Computer and dident have the Bug.

Andrew aka FU_CheGuevara/FU_Che

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