+8% Melee Damage passive skill only added 1% DPS on AoF Templar

My level 52 AoF Templar "Trodaire" killed Captain Fairgraves in Merciless Difficulty today. Bestel gave me a passive skill point which I used to get the "8% increased Melee Physical Damage" skill next to the Maurader node.

This is my DPS before using the +8% skill:

Cleave - 4796
Flicker - 3575
Frenzy - 1964

This is my DPS after using the +8% skill:

Cleave - 4875
Flicker - 3653
Frenzy - 1998

This is what my DPS should be after using the +8% skill:

Cleave - 5179
Flicker - 3861
Frenzy - 2121

Instead of gaining 8% DPS, I only gained around 1% DPS. Avatar of Fire still says it "converts all Physical Damage to Fire Damage." Before the latest patch (Version 0.9.6d) the stated Physical Damage increase always increased my DPS by the same percentage. This is the first passive I have used on this character since the new patch came out. I was planning to spend my next skill point on the +12% Melee Damage skill, but now I don't know what to do.

I'd appreciate it if someone could enlighten me about this problem. Am I missing something? Was AoF nerfed again? Are my calculations off? Is it a bug? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks!
Celtic Woman - Tír na nÓg
% increased damage bonuses are additive.
If you have none of them, then adding 8 goes from 0% increased damage to 8% increased damage, which is a 8% increase to the final damage.

If for example you already have 40% increased damage, then you're going from 40% increase to 48% increase, which has significantly less than 8% increase to the final damage values.

This is intended and is how such bonuses have worked since the start.

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