Do I need to have a naked slave woman shackled to my mana pool?

Pathological wrote:
You shouldn't be comfortable with almost _ANYTHING_ that happens in Path of Exile. You are on an island full of murderers, necromancers, zombies, tentacle monsters.. the list goes on.

the difference is that sexism is a thing that exists in real life. are you unable to distinguish fantasy from reality?

The orb art is thematic and not at all out of place.

historically, gothic art is sexist, therefore, it's okay to have sexist art now...? that's literally your argument. it's also a tautology and a bad position.

Maybe you should consider it your role in life to keep your mana orb empty and lessen her burden; or better yet, play a blood magic character so the mana orb never gets used.

the life orb is also sexist imagery. she's caressing a ball she's chained to. these women are chained to balls. it's a pretty blatant example of sexist art. also, i hope you're attempting humor: we shouldn't have to play stupid mini games.
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kwahip wrote:
Men are also shown in sexualized ways in all forms of media. I see just as many ugly men in advertising than I do ugly women (I.E not a whole lot). I also don't buy the whole "power fantasy" vs "sexual fantasy" bs. The fact is I do feel inferior to most every male portrayal i see in media. With that being said however I don't let it bother me, because I know that they are fake or part of the few who do look very good in society (all advertising is touched up as well). People will always find something to view in a "negative light", game companies shouldn't bend over backwards to please a very small minority of women (feminist), and thankfully they don't.

aesthetically un-ideal men are protagonists far more frequently than even attractive women in all media. i mean, if you feel inferior to george costanza, will ferrell, gary busey, etc. i don't know what to tell you. put down the video games and hit the gym.
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What started as a simple friendly suggestion with a smiley face in it turned into a sexism war? Actually this happen to the other two threads too..Personal attacks flying everywhere. Locked for obvious reasons.
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