We're glad to announce that several new microtransactions are now available in the store! These new microtransactions include the Pitch Black Armour Set, Scarecrow Helmet Skin, Stormcaller and Dun Shield Skins, the Colossus Sword, Thrasher Gloves Skin and a collection of new Hooded Cloaks in eight different colours! Check them out in the videos below or in store here.

If you're looking to grab some points to spend on the new microtransactions, we recommend checking out the new Harbinger Supporter Packs!

Thank you very much for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Love the armour set! :)

Gloom armour pack by another name? nah.
A pair of WoW shields? nah.
A ridiculous Final Fantasy Sword? nah.
Gloves that look like ridiculously oversized claws? nah.
150 points for a colored cloak? nah. (thought maybe it was one cloak for 150 and you could change the color...)

Not impressed. Whoever is in charge of MTXes needs to step it up. The MTXes in the Garbinger pack were awful.
These are pretty bad as well.

I'm pretty sure they have had some staff turn over in the MTX design execution, and management department recently.
Last edited by MBata on Sep 8, 2017 12:26:14 AM
Why not claw effect? why gloves.....
Nice prices like always..
At last, a decent MTX for Claws..........Oh darn those are for GLOVES.....WHY on earth?????
To Die Is Not An Option, To Fight Until DIESync Is The Only Answer. ☺☻☺

Happy Hunting Exiles.
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Love the cloaks!

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