Game freezes and resizes from Windowed Fullscreen to Windowed mode

This bug has happened about 15-20 times total for me this league ( A LOT of playtime, so maybe once every 2 days), and now I just ripped because of it.

What happens is the game freezes for about 2-5 seconds, then resizes to Windowed mode from Windowed Fullscreen. Also, I use the Windows 10 Night Mode pretty much all of the time, and the Night Mode switches from On to Off

For now I'm going in my settings and turning my color temperature down to be similar to Night Mode and not use it to see if I still get a game freeze. Is there anything else I can do?

EDIT: No longer using Night Mode or any color temperature changes and the freeze is still happening.
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Screen freeze/resize is still happening.

It has now happened 3 times on the Spider Forest boss after I killed the zombie summon. I start degening from a ground effect, then screen freezes and resizes to windowed mode. I now believe it has something to do with the cloud degen, as the screen freeze has ONLY happened in this map, and beyonded maps. Anything I can do to help reproduce this to help fix let me know.

EDIT: Just now happened again on Caer Blaidd, wolfpack den. Killed fire wolf dude at end of map, started to degen from burning ground and screen resized/froze. This time it was from Windowed-->Windowed fullscreen. This is VERY rippy in Hardcore for my screen to be resizing out of nowhere. Please help.
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nVidia? I have this happen on my main PC after playing for extended periods of time. On less powerful machines the game just crashes, but on this one the video driver just resets, and PoE switches to the windowed 1920x1050 mode and refuses to switch back to Windowed Fullscreen 1920x1080. You can force it by going Fullscreen and then to Windowed Fullscreen.

The cause of this seems to be some texture/resource leak in PoE since 3.0, it trashes the video RAM.
Awaiting fix for this still. Nvidia GeForce GTX 660.
another death because of this stupid bug, ggg please...
now i lost a lab run because of it.
same for me, have had maybe 50 crashes since starting this league, each one happening just like you describe
now i lost an offering to the goddess,

24/12/2017-critical bug still not solved, keep up the good work

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