[3.x - Discontinued for now] Burning Spectres - Torch the Atlas - HC Shaper, Elder, Uber Atziri

"In Path of Exile: Blight we have significantly revamped many Summoner mechanics and the Witch's Necromancer Ascendancy Class. We have buffed the per-gem-level progression of many minion types, added new support gems that allow you to fine-tune minion behaviour, revamped the Necromancer Ascendancy, introduced the Carrion Golem, added a high-level wand base type that can roll powerful minion mods and have made many other changes."

Sounds like 3.8 may have some interesting things for us....

This was my favourite summoner build. I really hope 3.8 helps revive it.
I just want to drop this here.

The build still works, just hit 91 lvl, doing corrupted red maps without even bothering to waste identification scroll.

The only problem, that really surprised me was, that the flame golem setup was about 1 exalt just by itself. Nearly double that what I used to pay...
Some monkeys are running ice golem builds and are creating demand. Really really sad.

This, and the stone ~1.5-2 exalt...

Trash tier accessories. As always.

Classic Tabula rasa.

4L vaal skeletons is very nice also.

Standard Animated guardian with 2 aura's. And you are good to go.
I am also running zombies, to create EXTRA lag and kill friends, but entertainment value aside, I am not sure it is worth it...

Good luck guys.

Hi, this build stills working?? thx
chillypoe wrote:
Hi, this build stills working?? thx


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