[3.0] Inquisitor - Martyr of Innocence - Cyclone CoC Firestorm

This is my first build post, sorry if I missed anything. The inspiration for my build was a Cyclone CoMK Firestorm Slayer I played back in Prophecy using Oro's Sacrifice and that was pretty good and fun for mapping. Prior to 3.0 I stumbled upon the Martyr of Innocence staff and all the stats and bonuses just seemed absolutely amazing. I couldn't really find any solid builds around it so I tried to make my own using CoC instead of CoMK.

Here's a PoB link.


I chose Inquisitor due to the crit and elemental bonuses.
Righteous Providence > Inevitable Judgement > Instruments of Virtue > Augury of Penitence

Passive Tree

Current Level 91 Tree


I went with Alira, overall the bonuses are just too good.


Martyr of Innocence - We want to make sure we get a well rolled one on both the weapon and spell damage while also getting as high of a block chance as possible.

Eye of Innocence/Mokou's Embrace - These let us reliably ignite ourselves for the "while ignited" bonuses. The eye will also self proc Vengeance/increased spell damage on the staff. So we're getting +20% attack/cast speed, ~170% increased fire damage, chill/freeze immunity and 2% fire leech. The necklace is a pretty big portion of leech on bosses because of the reduced effectiveness of Warlord's Mark.

Rest of my gear is just basic life/resists stuff. It's super important to get accuracy on your gear where possible because it is very limited on the tree. At this point I haven't spent more than like 5c on anything.

I still need to get leech on boots, probably Firestorm duration on helmet and not sure about gloves yet.

Updated Gear:
Staff still needs some better rolls and opted for the Kaoms for extra HP.


1 HP flask for bleed removal.

The Rumi's is a solid amount of extra block and we already have a good base from the staff.

Diamond flask helps offset the relatively low base crit on the staff.

Silver is needed mostly for the attack speed since the staff is also slow. I've thought about switching this out for an Atziri's Promise if I could get Onslaught another way.

Quicksilver is probably optional with the Leap Slam, but I like having it.


There's a lot of flexibility here and I'm still trying to figure out what works best. Basically I went for any jewel that had increased life and some other mixture of stats. I opted to get some extra accuracy/crit where I could as well as some attack speed.

Gem Links

6L: Cyclone - CoC - Firestorm - Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Strikes - Immolate
5L: Drop Immolate
Elemental Focus in place of Immolate is more raw damage but would make it a little more difficult for us to self ignite. Immolate is still pretty respectable in terms of overall damage.

Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark - Warlord's Mark | Herald of Thunder - Anger
By putting the Curse on Hit in our weapon, our Vengeance can also apply our curses so we don't have to. Orb of Storms lets us proc the spell portion of Instruments of Virtue for the bonus damage. If I had a 5 link on the staff, I would string up Herald of Thunder to it too for the additional cursing.

CWDT(7) - IC - Molten Shell - Ice Golem
Adjust to whatever levels feel good for you, I like level 7 CWDT. IC has a decent duration since we almost always have endurance charges, Molten Shell also hits pretty hard, Ice Golem for the crit/accuracy.

Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Power Charge on Critical Strike
Pretty self explanatory.

CWDT(1) - Firestorm - Vortex - Culling Strike
This is kind of a filler spot. There wasn't any skills I immediately *needed* so opted for some more utility.

Since I picked up a Kaoms I had to drop the level 1 CWDT setup and replace PCoC in my boots with Anger and also dropping Herald of Thunder entirely.


I chose this as my league starter so it was a little annoying as I started getting into the later acts because I didn't have much in terms of gear/currency and was more or less SSF.

I picked up Freezing Pulse at first and once I could use Firestorm, I went that route with a pizza totem. This took took me to around act 7-8 pretty comfortably with pretty bad gear. After that boss fights became a bit of a struggle depending and required a lot of flasking/kiting.

Once I could put the staff on and had some supporting gear I switched to a 4 link using Cyclone - Cast on Melee Kill - Firestorm - Concentrated Effect. You can switch into the CoC variant basically whenever you have a 5 link and a reasonable amount of crit.

I'd sometimes swap in Elemental Damage with Attacks and Elemental Focus for bosses.

Progression/Next Steps

I haven't had any problems clearing content through T14 maps. Some of the T15 bosses have been a little annoying. Finished Abyss and Core but died in Overgrown Ruin(twinned) and Dark Forest(amped up boss). I'm pretty confident all the T15 maps are doable with reasonable mods and decent play. I have yet to attempt any Guardians but I can already foresee Phoenix being a problem, the other should be fine.

Ultimately I'm going to try and 6 link the staff and wear a Kaom's Heart for the extra life and drop the second CWDT setup. This should give me enough life to survive the higher end content. I'd also need to move Anger somewhere and drop Herald. I'm also aiming at level 92 to pick up the Throatseeker cluster.

I dropped the 6L chest for a Kaoms, putting HP ~7k right now. I've completed Hydra and Minotaur with no problem, got unlucky with Chimera and Phoenix but they are totally doable. Just cranked out a regular Atziri and the DPS is definitely good enough. Firestorm/Immolate aren't 20/20 and I haven't been able to Divine my staff with good rolls yet either.

Thanks for reading! Any feedback or improvements would be awesome!

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here is an updated version of your tree, enjoy :)

Here's my thought. Since you have 2 six links, you could make this a utility:
CWDT (1) + Blade Vortex (1) + CoH + AM + WM + Culling Strike (For reference, that's 2R + 2G + 2B)
Now you constantly have blade vortex up that has culling strike and applies both your curses. You end up putting Anger and HoT in a 4 socket item with 2 free sockets for other utilities like Vaal Cyclone or Vaal Grace. You'd probably want a spell to proc your increased damage. Might consider Blood Rage or a level 20 Molten Shell + Leech Life. Something like that.

I'm going off of the Passive tree left in a comment above mine. I can use the same number of passive points by dropping Explosive Impact and the 3 intel nodes by the start. Replace them by picking either melee or spell damage at the start and the jewel socket top right of scion area. It lets you swap out 8% area for slightly higher damage or at least more versatility with the jewel socket.

I threw this together in Path of Building. It's showing about 38K cyclone DPS and 11K Firestorm avg hit. Is that accurate? That sounds like killing map bosses would take forever. Have you tried Atziri, Shaper, or the like?

P.S. Feel free to PM me if you want.
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I dropped the 6L chest for a Kaoms, putting HP ~7k right now. I've completed Hydra and Minotaur with no problem, got unlucky with Chimera and Phoenix but they are totally doable. Just cranked out a regular Atziri and the DPS is definitely good enough. Firestorm/Immolate aren't 20/20 and I haven't been able to Divine my staff with good rolls yet either.

Here's a PoB link.
mind posting a video?

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