[3.0]Inquisitor Ken's Tommy Gun Self-cast Crit Frostbolt. // Budget \\ Great League Starter //



- Intro

With the recent 3.0 update came alot of changes to how we approach end game content in terms of builds and with that the meta shifted as we saw the long reign of skills such as Vaal spark and Vaal Fireball slowly get grinded into the ground.
In the current league i strongly believe the premier Clear speed build is Self Cast frostbolt, it has immense damage due to it's threshold jewel which allows you 5 total projectiles without the use of GMP or LMP which has less damage % Modifiers so in full spectrum you are runnning and clear speed build on a single target gem set up.


- Path of Building



- Gear & Gems


Pretty simple, a Rare helmet will suffice not really a preferable option here aslong as you have the Frostbolt Damage Enchant from Lab although not needed it's a great Quality of Life !

Amulet we go for everyone's favourite Bisco's Collar, we can sacrifice damage because we simply do that much already and bisco's really does help alot with smaller currency drops and map drops, but if you'd prefer not to use it you can always use a Rare with the following mods in order of importancy
-Crit Multi
-Crit Chance
-Spell Damage
-Cast Speed

Unless you need Resistance or Stats ofcourse.

In the ring slot we go for the Hydra Unqiue Snake pit, Not always obtainable instantly in a league due to only dropping from a T16 Map but nonetheless it's great to grab more projectiles which brings our tally upto a total of 7 projectiles, again there is an alternative if you do not wish to use them, Rare Diamond rings also suffice with the following Mods in order of importancy
-Cast Speed
-Attack Speed
-Any stats you may need

The chest is just a rare bog standard chest, i chose to go with a ES Base due to the colours needed on the chest is easiest to hit with an intelligence base.

I went for Insanity Gloves for the MORE Increased attack speed on our whirling Blades remember Movement speed and your ability to dart around contributes the most to your clear speed.

The whispersteps are a great addition to this build adding essentials like Global Crit and Cold Damage to spells to ensure mass Shatters,
they also give us immunity to chilled ground which is great given how annoying it can be in high tier maps, if you prefer a safer option rare is also sufficent with high life, resistance and movement speed.

Big fatty belt, we don't have alot of rare slots to cap resistance so it's nice to have a belt with alot of life and very high resistances,
flask mods can also help too.

Dajjer time, on mine as you can see above i have Cast speed daggers,
cast speed does not normally role onto daggers unless it is crafter with the Essence of Misery,
It is not needed but i feel it truly increases the quality of life and makes the skill in general feel alot less clunky and adds more playabilty to the build being so fast and agile but an alternative would be a rare dagger with the following stats in order of importancy
-Attack Speed
-Critical Strike Multi
-Critical Strike For Spells
-Cold Damage To spells
-Increased Spell Damage

Once you have required a Good enough dagger, we're talking Cast speed, Crit and decent Spell damage you can run with a brightbeak for speed speedy map clearing, excellent if your just chaining the nice layout maps such as Dunes, Strands, Shores, Racecourse, Atoll Etc etc.


Vessel of Vinktar with the Lightning Damage to spells Variant is great for us gives us an astounding amount of leech given that we are a Vaal Pact Character.

Dying sun is a luxury item not needed at all, but if you have the money to buy one i couldn't recommend it more giving us a giant total of 9 projectiles while the flask is activated which adds a crazy amount to our clearspeed.

Diamond Flask very important gives us almost guranteed crits with every cast with very little to any investment into critical strike chance especially from an early level.

To finish it off a bog standard Life and Mana Flask, i use mana flask because even with Clarity the cast speed we have it is sometimes hard to sustain mana in less regen maps.

I would reccomend using your 3 Magic Flask slots to be able to Remove Bleed, Remove Freeze and to remove the shock that is applied from vinktars.


Two Frostbolt Threshold Jewels are Mandatory for this build to work, you can pick one up from the main story, the other can be purchased for a few chaos.

The remaining jewel sockets are to be used how you see fit, i would suggest High attack speed and life followed by any resistance you may need as it is hard to cap.

Frost bolt

6L = Frostbolt - Spell Echo - Hypothermia - Life Leech - Increased Crit Strikes - Controlled Destruction

In a 5 Link Remove Hypothermia.

Movement Skill

Whirling Blades - Increased Attack Speed - Fortify

To be Socketed inside insanity Gloves

Flame Dash - Faster Casting

To get up and down ledges, to be socketed inside a dagger.

Level 20 CWDT Setup

CWDT - Immortal Call - Molten Shell - Lightning Golem

Herald Set up

Herald of Ice - Ice Bite - Curse on hit - Assasin's Mark

*Optional* Second Herald

Herald Of Thunder - Innervate - Onslaught

Additional Notes

You have 4 socketes remaining, 1 full dagger and 1 slot in the other dagger left over from the Flame Dash Set-up, You can choose to level Gems in them if you wish, Enlightens or Empowers, frostbolts also, I reccomend socketing a Clarity for maps with less regen also or Alternatively Using Herald of Thunder for moar DPS.


Passive Skill Tree


Ascendancy Order

Inquisitor= Righteous Providence - Inevitable Justice - Instruments Of Virtue - Augury of Penitence


We Help Alira, she gives far to many bonuses for us to pass up on it, Kraitlyn is also an option if you have god tier gear but 9 times out of ten i would go Alira.


Levelling Guide

Levelling with this build is pretty simple, it's a rather generic caster while leveling, as soon as you spawn grab yourself a spark//freezing pulse or even frostbolt and equipt whatever leveling uniques you can get your hands on.

These following items are great for leveling with and you can more or less wear them til late game.


Pick up quite a few early Ele Nodes which is great for leveling makes blasting through content fast and easy, we pick up two jewel sockets also relatively early this is for our threshold Jewels so if you have them feel free to switch to frostbolt instantly, if you dont think your ready yet when you can, after killing mervail i'd recommend switching to firestorm from Spark or Freezing pulse.


Moar Ele DEEPS, we've now pathed into some crit nodes which would be a good time to pick up a diamond flask if you haven't already also alot more life nodes, things are starting to do more damage so be sure to scale your gear picking up life where you can and making sure you resistances are always capped, Pick up a Curse on hit Herald now with assasins mark for juicy power charge generation and also the life and mana gain on kill.


Should be setting up most of your end game gear at this point, we path down to vaal pact which is more or less our soul defense, the best defense is offence ;). From here on out up to level 90+ you'll be working on the final tree which is near the top of the post, picking up life nodes, Power Charges and Two point Jewels. Resistances and Life is key, Never sacrifice Life or Capped resistances for damage, you dont do much damage while dead, ease into your gear do not rush and leave gaps !

Thanks For Reading

Thanks for reading, this is my very first build guide so if i have left anything out or if you have any questions feel free to ask below or message me im always about, i will be updating this as this is still just a work in progress but im always open to suggestions and i just wanted to get this awesome build out there :)
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There's something wrong with your PoB link.
Azrash wrote:
There's something wrong with your PoB link.

Should be fixed now bud.
Looks fun, just 1 thing.

Any leveling guide? Or did you level with frostbolt? (which seems slow)
Carry101 wrote:
Looks fun, just 1 thing.

Any leveling guide? Or did you level with frostbolt? (which seems slow)

Leveling Guide i'll definitely add in tomorrow morning, the tree itself while leveling is pretty generic in terms or crit spells, i'd suggest, using freezing pulse up until you can use firestorm, firestorm up until you can use flame-blast totems and then flame blast totems should carry you up until end-game as to when you should switch to Frostbolt, but if you want more clarity i'll be updating the guide tomorrow with all the details in terms of leveling gear etc :)
Looks cool, but...how do you deal with bosses?
broseidon07 wrote:
Looks cool, but...how do you deal with bosses?

Thats the beauty of this build. We can kill bosses on a "AoE" Set up, i've cleared upto t15 bosses easily with this build, guardians will no doubt take a little bit of tweaking and shaper is out of the question currently but that defeats the purpose, this is a clear speed build and there isn't really to much that can keep up with it but as far as bosses are conserned anything up to t14 you wont really notice the bosses, ill post videos within the coming days showcasing the single target DPS.
Only level 51 with this build right now, but I am loving it. I wanted to level with Frostbolt from the start and it's working great. I used a few leveling uniques, reverb wand, wanderlust, tabula, kuari ward... stuff I had lying around mostly. I also went straight for 2 jewel sockets for Frozen Trail. After leveling a sunder build and RF from level 21... this is the best by far. Frostbolt MTX and gloom herald are so satisfying.
IGN: Sin
Quick update.

- Added Leveling guide.
- No longer NEED dual Daggers.
- Now runs Two heralds as opposed to one.
- Clarity only NEEDED on less Regen Maps
Loving the build so far, although I have made a few defensive adjustments. I think you meant to write help Alira not kill her in the update.

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