[3.0] Crit US MoM Dark Pact ||optimised for speed, DPS and overall efficiency|| [Vids included]

TheAtrocity wrote:
Hi I am following your guide and I'm having some trouble clearing Tier 8/9 maps and bossing in general. I don't have the leech that sustains me unless there's packs of mobs. Could you take a look at my profile and see where I went off? I do have 2 extra dex nodes just to get my dex to where I can use my gear but that will be changed soon. Thanks a lot!

What do you mean the leech? I spam instant life pots while single target. Deals so much damage, boss die fast.


At level 92, I have one floating passive I don't know what to do with. I doubt I'll reach anything higher than 95, so I was thinking on getting Alira to get the sweet crit multi and the resistances to change my life ring for another crit/chaos dmg ring, any suggestions?
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lvl 51 and having lots of trouble in the acts. sunder shows 3k tooltip dps. should i switch to dp now?

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