[3.0] Crit US MoM Dark Pact ||optimised for speed, DPS and overall efficiency|| [Vids included]

To try and color this, do you spam chroms or is it better to try "at least 2 blue" master?
IGN: LessBow
Schn1tt3r wrote:
To try and color this, do you spam chroms or is it better to try "at least 2 blue" master?

Level your Vorici until you can get 3B from master. Even with that it takes 12.7k chromes on avarage, with 2B master it takes 25k chromes on avarage. Just spamming chromes avarage would be over 100k.
Schn1tt3r wrote:

To try and color this, do you spam chroms or is it better to try "at least 2 blue" master?

I know cherrubims is more damage, spare me the details. However if you want a decent chestpiece with some resists, life and damage I can totally reccommend Carcass, plus it gets the right colors easy too.
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Guys, pls im starvin for help.Im at lvl 81 and i stucked on t9 maps.Sometimes im doin t10 too but if i meet a harbinger mob there, im dead.(or mostly dead, because i have to kite a lot and sometimes if im not fast enough) Im on 5link still but have every ascendancy every required item, so overall its 70-80% finished.I lack some jewel, ok i know jewels make a difference but so much?I feel that without leech (vp or cloaked in savagery) i cant do higher maps.Invalesco did a so nice gorge run and that boss kill was so fast, compared to my speed...For example without the skeletons the bosses are not doable.No chance...Pls somebody give me some advice. :( thx in advance

Ohh some stats:Life-5100 Mana-2100 ES-900 Tooltip-31K on Darkpact (how can i reach that 62k like Invalesco´s...with godly gear maybe)
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Yo man, i started following your build and I fuckin love it. I quickly tried to get Vaal Pact, which i did, and im lvl 51. Big issue I am having here is that my Vaal Pact isnt leeching for shit. I dont know why this is happening. Any clue?
I'm tried this build. I still feels like I am so squishy. Clear speed is great but survability, especially on many map bosses is very bad, even with MOM.
I have 81-82lvl and ~5,5k hp, many crits and I died 2 times from Beyond bosses and once on Pier boss when my health can't go up even with abyssal cry + health/mana potions. There are problems also with other map bosses, and it is just tier ~10, I don't want to know what will be on red maps :(
I'm feel like I can die in every random moment even from simple pack of mobs.
Any advices what I can do wrong? Or it is just a biggest negative aspect of this Dark Pact skill and its normal to be squishy?

A little note, I made a Templar Dark Pact totem build and I died only once because of my stupidy on 91lvl. I made even t14+ maps and zero deaths. Propably should do Shaper without problems too but with this self-cast build it is so risky in my eyes.
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Warbringer is a waste of time, don expect to be doing t15+ red maps with it. Total garbage.
Why Inc Crit Strikes as 6th link instead of Damage? With a diamond flask up at almost all times, I find Crit Damage way superior... or am I wrong?
IGN: LessBow
Hi, how did you get that much crit multiplier? I have 5 jewels with 10 each but Im still at 360
Hi I am following your guide and I'm having some trouble clearing Tier 8/9 maps and bossing in general. I don't have the leech that sustains me unless there's packs of mobs. Could you take a look at my profile and see where I went off? I do have 2 extra dex nodes just to get my dex to where I can use my gear but that will be changed soon. Thanks a lot!

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