Constant disconnects when loading zones

+1 to the train.

* Long loading screens. Mostly more than 30 seconds. Sometimes it let me think stuck and restart the game (more than 1 min).

* Sometimes, after the manual restart; game is freezing when I'm in any map (story maps). Naturally, restarting again manually again.

Its so annoying when it happens when need to portal and back to area. Because, have to restart most of time.

* I thought it was my internet at first. Checked everything, including ISP. It is OK.
* After using a portal to town, game is freezing (when in town) after long loading screen. If I use in game menu (ESC) to go char selection screen, it wont act. However, if I chose Login Screen, its act without delay.
* Changing gateway helped me for 1-2 hours. After a while it got me again but this time is worse than before.

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I'm having same error, where I get disconnected every third log in attempt and about every fifth new loading screen. Just reinstalled PoE yesterday so don't have any idea why it is acting like this.
It keeps happening to me. It wouldn't be that bad if it happened once or twice, but this is a constant issue for me.
Same thing happening to me too. After completing 40 challenges I gave a break. I come back for trying some levelling in some of communuty private leagues. I Have been getting constant freezes after loading screens. It is so annoying Long loading screens and even if a zone is loaded, then game starts freezing randomly and this increase each time I open a new instance to progress in the story. I literally can't play. I hope this will be solved before league start
Edit: Well that was quick. It is %100 windows firewall problem. Giving poe exception solved my problem. It was veird that windows suddenly decide fuking us all.
Edit2: Guess ı was too eraly to talk. Problem still exist and keep happening. While levelling entering a zone crashes and even if it loads you can't move. Closing the game and reopenning solves it temporarily and after a few zones it regularly happens again
Edit3: OK I changed my gateway to London it was at Frankfurt. Since then I have played at ziz's HC league and the problem didn'T happen
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Yesterday, I had the same issues; stuck at loading, stutters even freezes while progressing...

Today, I noticed the weirdest thing. The shortcut of the s****d launcher is pointing to 32 bit version of the game. I manually ran 64 bit exe and voila!

No problems for 15 mins now. I will update if anything changes.

EDIT: Played for hours and no freezes no infinite loading screens, smooth as silk.
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hey @ggg help us :(
plz guys... almost a minute long loading screens... cant get to any town. #pathofloading
I have had the same issue as you guys...
When 3.5 (betrayal) came out, the game was running fine for me ... until some minor "hotfix" was applied to the game, then the "an unexpected disconnection has occured" fiesta began.
Yesterday, when 3.6.0 came out, I was able to play without any disconnects/crashes at all. It was very surprising to say the least, I was able to play for 3 h + with no interruptions ..... until today, when a couple "hotfixes" were applied, and broke the game again for me.....
How in the world of **** does this thread go on for 96 pages and STILL not have an official response? Do you have community managers? If so, fire them, they aren't doing their job. I've invested money into this game, want to enjoy it, but every season it's the same... I start the season full of optimism, deal with the DC's, it's not a big deal whilst leveling, then about throw my PC out of the window when I try for the 10th time to do Labs for my Ascendancy but DC in last room. Let alone doing normal "proper" Lab runs! I need to do the minimum amount of room changes possible lest I DC.

GGG SORT. IT. OUT. In the meantime I'll run a charge-back on the most recent purchases I made for this league.

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The same has been happening to me, the game is just unplayable at this point.

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