Constant disconnects when loading zones

upgraded to windows 10 and copied it to my ssd fixed this problem for me; maybe because of the short loading time for the ssd?
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DC every 1st time loading area since 3.0. 100% unplayeble.
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I've had more than half a dozen disconnects within the past ... hour? I've lost 3 portals to disconnects. I move from town to my hideout, disconnect. Hideout to someone else's HO to trade, disconnect. Map to my HO to store loot, disconnect.
I tried snorting coke once. The ice cubes got stuck up my nose.
Any fix for this problem yet? Abyss league is kinda painful an irritating to play since 75% of the time I change zones I get dc'd to login screen. Have to play many zones multiple times. Added Poe to my virus guard exceptions, balanced page size in Windows with same numerics, prayed at the temple..none of this shit works.

My system - i5-2400 3.10GHZ, 8GB RAM, VGA- Geforce GTX 950

I need help plz!!!
Can't offer you help. Maybe we can all be sad together.
skeletons have pursued me all my life
State of how bad it is at the moment :-

I have played this game for 4 years. The game has had problems, off and on, but it is a fantastic game we enjoy and support right?

So we endure.

We had the Dysnc monster, we have always had bad optimization. Pc's capable of running current major release games with full frame rates, struggle like a one legged hooker working the streets of a small Siberian village.

Yet we endure.

We have had an unbalanced marketplace, controlled by a handful elite (The historic Rise and fall of Exalted-Chaos orb ratio)

Yet we endure.

We have had to share our PC world based game with the dreaded Xbox (Ok currently we are not sharing the game world with these players, but we seem to be sharing server load, please correct me if i am wrong).

Yet we endure.

GGG released 3.0 and the game ran for the most part painlessly the odd Dc or crash was acceptable for a game that is in constant development and flux.

I accept and endure.

3.1 LANDS :- I start noticing random dc's from friends i am playing with, random crashes. I seem to be escaping the clear problem. I feel lucky and grind onwards 1 toon into the low 80's and 1 into the high 80's.

Yesterdays patch arrives, I have encountered constant dc's at least one a map quite often resulting in death.

Yet i endure.

Having checked forums and Reddit i make all the suggested changes. I change the Intel setting to point at the GPU rather than auto. I remove the program and re-install. I check my internet connection for both load/speed/jitter. It reports fine, however i still do a reboot of the router hoping the node i am currently assigned will change with a long enough downtime. I wait 10 mins and restart router and PC, i swap between all the local Eu servers one after another. I encounter sporadic periods of playtime of more than half a map.

Yet i endured.

I woke this morning to a patch, got excited about a possible fix for stability issues i am encountering. Yes i have at this point decided it is not local. If anything the problem is now worse.

I am going to test a theory that there is some problem with the interaction of wild strike and ancestral support and raider attack speed. And start a third toon that falls asleep killing his mobs slowly and quietly without any gpu fuss or bother.

I have to endure.

If this fails goodbye cruel POE platform world, I enjoyed the journey.

I'm already actually scared to click on portal scroll or portal

For me its 100% chance to crash or boot into the loading screen, when I load into a new zone. Can you imagine when you have 2 hours free time per day and just like that all progress is deleted? It took me bloody 2 days (in game hours so 2 weeks in real life) to get in to act 9 due to constant crashes, when i loaded new zones.

But what we need is new MTX, because that's important resource allocation.
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I suggest an MTX strike. LEt us all turn them off and show solidarity comrades!

Only half joking here, perhaps it might free up some server load...hihih
Just got disconnected 3 times in a row trying to do lab :(
Here is something that you can try. It improved the situation on my end.

Go to your documents folder, there you will find the location of POE´s dumpster folder. In said folder called "Path of Exile", you will find three additional folders.


Delete all three of them. They are leftovers from MTX sales, previously visited maps (including removed content)and gifs, that show up when you log on. The game will just create new folders and save new files in them.

My guess is, that while loading a map, the game is forced to go through each single file first and this takes a long time on non SSD´s. If some files are corrupt because the content is no longer supported by the client, you might DC.

I would also advice to remove all old item filters and just keep the one you are using now. I have neversink strict and semi strict in use.

This procedure has helped me in such a way, that I can even log into the game now on first try, without three or four DC´s. This might still change, however, when the prime time starts, as then I always had the most DC´s.

Sadly, this does not fix the client crash, something that has happened to me since 3.1. was introduced.

Try it out, maybe it helps.

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