Constant disconnects when loading zones

Jugue las ultimas 3 o 4 ligas sin inconvenientes pero esta liga imposible jugarla pierdo mapas por las desconexiones ,el trade es imposible por las desconexiones algo rarisimo y muy frustrante tengo 50 megas de internet y un buen pc (8350, gtx750ti,8 ram) alguna solucion?
GGG: "Since the release of Legion expansion, some of our community has been wondering who's the strongest among the Legion Generals."

My Thought: I think some of YOUR community is waiting so that you fix the disconnect problems that occur for YEARS now.

GGG: "We have been going through a lot of recent community feedback about topics such as lag spikes, client crashes, game performance, server issues"
"While many of the reports relate to localised problems like defective hardware and ISP routing issues, there are certainly real things to solve and general improvements that can be made."

My Thought: Oh have you? And nothing changed. Again for YEARS. Thats a slap in the face of your Players. Since you are the only online Game in the World i admit that the problem must be on our local side. Oh wait no "such" Problems in WoW or Teso or or or.
Could a Game Dev just have the balls and admit GGG has a Problem that they can't fix nowadays. Thanks
GuillEnano wrote:
100 pages 2 years, 0 replies, nothing changed. Do you even care?

SSD is the answer.

There are too many small files in ggkp file for HDD to load. There is almost no chance such a behaviour will change, unless there will be new PoE game.
Every 2-3 maps/quests I am getting constantly stuck in loading screens, which force me to re-open the game over and over. This is really annoying, this way the game is nearly not playable and enjoyable....pitty
Having same problem. Staying away from maps. Only response I get from them is I posted in the wrong thread. I think this game is being run by a bunch of monkeys...strike that...monkeys could do a better job.
Over 1000 posts, 200,000 views, finally got a new computer and can play poe without issues.
Performance and loading issues are the reason I gave up years ago (and I had an over-spec PC then, as well), and now trying to return to the game it's obvious GGG still couldn't care less and is only interested in churning out overpriced microtransactions. I regret the small amount I purchased back when.

Better servers and greatly improved optimization are not a priority for them, especially when they've socially engineered enough of their existing players to just repeat non-solutions like "GET A BETTER PC" to people well within spec who can play any other game on max settings.

I think the real issue is they're actually too incompetent and lazy to even be capable of engaging in the necessary code and engine overhauls, and too cheap to invest the necessary resources. It costs a lot less to pay a couple artists to crank out $20 hideouts that are no more than basic tilesets, lol.

They're also cowards (because they know the above sentiments are all accurate), which is why they don't reply to anything here and barely respond on Reddit besides token hand-waving. Their silence in this thread FOR LITERAL YEARS says more than any canned CM response ever could. :>
I only stop in every two weeks. I update and boot the game then crash, nothing has changed except they no longer get any money from me! Not that they give a rat's ass about anything anyway.
This is MADNESS!
This bug still present in the game so many years later.
I know SSD is solution to that. but maybe some 1 discovered another solution?

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