Sound Crackling

Same problem for me. Never happened before 3.0.

The background music doesn't seem to be affected. Only effects and dialogue stutter and crackle.

can confirm that this happens to me to..

please fix this cuz its VERY ANNOYING
I didn't have problems for a long time but now they've come back.. almost every time I log in theres a loud crackling that happens for a split second, and random other times. It usually doesn't last long but still annoying enough to warrant a restart. I don't know if restarting helps or not as it starts up again every once in a while. It's not all the time or for long periods of time like I had at first when the league started but it does happen occasionally still.
Preface: This did *NOT* happen a week ago when playing through on different characters, but same hardware. The only difference was us skipping through dialogue versus listening to it this time.

This is happening with wife's PC often (every time we enter town), but mine sometimes. It is exclusive to "foreground" sounds, mainly dialogue but to a lesser extent effects. It *NEVER* affects background music.

After updating the audio device from the motherboard manufacturer's website, this crackling seems to have abated for now.
Update: It is continuing again, but it seems to be exclusively tied to Dialla and/or Oyun in Act 4 town.
me too. perhaps useful, it's happened twice at the exact same moment.

going into the 2nd uber izaro fight, as I enter the Aspirant's Trial, Izaro sez: "When the time comes to strike, an emperor strikes without hesitation. To entertain doubt is to dance with death."

If it happens a 3rd time there, which I suspect it might, I'll note the exact word, it was exactly the same twice.

Sad story is then I have to complete the lab run without sound, because if I leave the sound on it feels like I'm destroying my speakers, even at a low volume the clipping is nasty.

[edit] - based on other reports above I'll switch to low channels so I might not repro the problem then.
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I only experience this issue after extended play sessions , ive never had it occur at the start of a play session.

about as much information i can add to others ,

pic of my sound settings
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This has been happening to me also, since 3.0 dropped. I've also noticed that my graphics seem to "blur" when the crackling sound is happening, it's like the game is forcing a resolution change and the sound is interference? I've tried with Dynamic Resolution turned off and on, no noticable difference tho, could it be linked to DR? Restart clears it up but this is a temporary fix only.

Sry to bump this thread as it has already been covered, but I think I've solved it (for myself at least), I've been playing without DR for a few days and no sound "crackling" issues, there have been two small patches since, which may have fixed it (tho it wasn't stated in patch notes).

Hope it helps someone.
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thank god ggg is doing something....oh wait
Please fix this in 3.1. I just had this sound bug and I need to restart client to get rid of it.

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